Raise your hand if you’ve ever played with a Ouija board. *Raises hand* It seems to be something that every middle schooler once tried out, and was traumatized by. In fact, after catching a screening of the new film Ouija earlier this week, my friend and I were sharing our stories from years ago and how we’ll never forget, laughing about them the whole drive home.

When I first started seeing commercials for the new movie, I was intrigued. I love scary movies and because the Ouija board has always been a center part of the “spirit world” and like I mentioned above, middle school life. As PG-13 movie, you’d think Ouija would be totally cheesy and not worth your ~90 minutes. But I have to say, this one definitely exceeded my expectations!

Ouija: Origins of Evil
Set in the 1960s when the Ouija board first came out, the film centers around a single mom and her two young daughters. With an in-home business connecting people with the spirits of their loved ones who passed on, the family thinks it’s all theatrics and there’s no truth to it based on their own show they put on for customers. However, after picking up a Ouija board to add to their act, they learn that the board is no joke.

Ouija: Origins of Evil

If I had to describe the movie I’d say it’s kind of a cross between The Exorcist and The Ring. While I wouldn’t say there are any “shocking” moments in terms of plot, there are plenty of cringe-moments (who knew a little girl could be so creepy?!) and ones that will make you jump (and I’m not one to jump easily in movies)! If you’re into scary movies, this is a great one to see for the Halloween season!

Have you ever played with a Ouija board? If there’s anything I learned from this movie, it’s stay far away from them! Ha!

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It’s been a few months, but it’s finally time for another Stitch Fix review! I decided to skip out on August and September since I didn’t want to add any more summer clothes to my wardrobe. But with a couple trips coming up to cooler places this fall, I specifically requested some fun outfits to wear during my travels and to soak up all that is fall weather!


Market & Spruce Merideth Sweater Dress ($88)

This sweater dress was the first thing I pulled out of the box and I could already tell it was going to be a no-go. But since I’ve been wrong about clothes before, I gave it a try. It was even worse on! While I was hoping it would work out, there wasn’t a chance in the world. Notice that there’s no photo with me in the dress to model it. It was THAT bad. Verdict: Returned


Liverpool Reagan Skinny Pant ($88)

I received a pair of Liverpool pants in a Fix last year and have to tell you, they’re the most comfortable pants I’ve EVER owned! They feel like yoga pants, but are something that looks fancy enough to wear to work or for a business casual event. This pair didn’t disappoint either! While I’ve been trying to lay off adding more pants to my wardrobe, I love that these are a dark brown, one I don’t currently have, so I made an exception. Plus, they’re a thicker material which will be great for both fall and winter travels! Verdict: Kept

Alice Blue Elby Split Neck Blouse ($48)

I was so excited to try this one on when I saw it in the box. I love the color and the pattern is fun. Totally something I’d wear. Unfortunately, the fit was totally off. The blouse was too big on the top and too tight on my arms, where the shirt was pinned back for quarter sleeves. I tried rolling the sleeves down to see if it would help, but no dice. Such a bummer! Verdict: Returned


Loveappella McCally Raglan Knit Top ($54)

I’m pretty picky when it comes to striped tops, but appreciate that this one has different types of stripes instead of the same ones all the way across and around. Plus, it’s made of the comfiest material! Not to mention it pairs fabulously with the last item I received in my fix, so despite the higher-than-I-wanted-to-pay price on the tag, I decided to keep this one. Verdict: Kept


Market & Spruce Jahana Cargo Vest ($68)

Totally saving the best for last here, and believe me, this one was a surprise to me! I’ve never quite understood the fall vest trend. It’s probably because I’ve lived in Florida most of my life and don’t get to wear fall clothes too often. Even taking the vest out of the box I just felt “meh” about it. But guys, as soon as I put the vest on, I totally got it. The vest thing clicked. I love this thing! Verdict: Kept


What did you think of the items I received in my Stitch Fix? Any you absolutely love or aren’t so crazy about?

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October marks the start of my favorite time of year. The temperature cools down (and YES we have had the best fall breeze these past couple mornings in Florida), the festive movie watching begins, and let’s face it, a lot of eating’s happening between Halloween celebrations + candy (and before we know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas)!

But this October is extra special because it marks a HUGE milestone in the history of Peanuts. The 50th anniversary of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! Hard to believe that Linus has been waiting around for the Great Pumpkin for 50 years, huh?!


The Giveaway

I’m really excited to team up with Peanuts this month to give away a set of goodies in honor of Halloween and the beloved TV special’s 50th anniversary!

One lucky winner will get a Linus and Snoopy salt and pepper shaker set from Hallmark, an It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown coloring set (with 10 colored pencils and 46 illustrated cards to color), AND the snuggliest 55×70 Snoopy “velvetsoft” blanket.

All that’s left for you to do is queue up the special, and pick up some snacks. Then you’re good to go for the perfect fall night in! I know I can’t wait to have a Halloween movie marathon this month!

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

If you don’t own It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown digitally, be sure to set your DVRs for next Wednesday, October 19 at 8 p.m. EST (and PST) on ABC!

Do you have an annual Halloween tradition? What’s your favorite movie to watch this time of year?

I received these items as a Peanuts Ambassador. All opinions are my own.