101 in 1001

The “Day Zero Project” was established for people who want to make a positive change in their life with 101 things in 1001 days. I love this “bucket list” type idea and am on board! Check in on my progress below!

Begins: May 5, 2015

Ends: January 30, 2018

  1. Inspire someone to write their 101 in 1001 list
  2. Start a new blog series
  3. Join another blogger’s link up
  4. Attend a blogging conference (July 2015)
  5. Meet a blogger friend in real life (July 2015)
  6. Comment on 5 blogs a day for one month
  7. Make a list of 101 things I’ve already accomplished
  8. Write a guest post for another blog
  9. Have someone guest blog on my blog
  10. Order new business cards (July 2015)


  1. Travel to 4 new states
  2. Visit 3 new countries
  3. Vacation somewhere with Ted (June 2015)
  4. Visit a castle
  5. Take a trip with my sisters
  6. Take a mother-daughter trip
  7. Take a dad-daughter trip
  8. See the Northern Lights
  9. Book a last minute trip
  10. Take Sheba to a dog-friendly hotel for one night (July 2015)
  11. Stay at a B&B
  12. Go on a road trip
  13. Kiss the Blarney Stone


  1. Go one month without fast food/ordering in
  2. Go one month without soda
  3. Complete a 5k
  4. Participate in a 10k
  5. Finish a half-marathon
  6. Lose 10 pounds
  7. Run a mile without walking
  8. Stretch every day for a month
  9. Go without sweets for one week
  10. Find out my blood type
  11. Participate in a charity run/walk


  1. Get engaged/married
  2. Go to bed every night by 10:30 for one week
  3. Wake up every morning at 6 for one week
  4. Unplug completely for 24 hours
  5. Read for 30 minutes every night for one month
  6. Complete a photo-a-day photo challenge
  7. Learn to drive stick/manual
  8. Take my parents out to eat + pick up the tab
  9. Re-read the Harry Potter series
  10. Go one week without complaining
  11. Become conversational in a new language
  12. Cleanse my iTunes library
At Home
  1. Use my crockpot (July 2015)
  2. Move into a new place
  3. Try a new recipe
  4. Fill my frames with pictures + hang
  5. Hire a professional cleaning service for a day
  6. Make monkey bread
  7. Make a homemade pizza


  1. Invest in a nice camera (June 2015)
  2. Purchase a back-up/travel computer (May 2015)
  3. Get a blowout at Drybar
  4. Buy a new car
  5. Get a massage (June 2015)
  6. Purchase fancy bedding
  7. Go Black Friday shopping


  1. Get certified in Google SEO
  2. Improve my Photoshop/Illustrator skills
  3. Take on a freelance assignment
  4. Get a promotion
  5. Be a mentor to someone
  6. Get certified in inbound marketing
  7. Attend a conference/event for work
  8. Get certified in digital marketing


  1. Start a “rainy day” fund with enough to live on for 3 months
  2. Put $10 into savings for each item checked off the list
  3. Go on a spending freeze for one month (other than essentials)
  4. Buy a lottery ticket (bonus: WIN the lotto)
  5. Pay credit card off completely every month
  6. Start a specific savings/emergency fund for Sheba’s vet bills
  7. Complete a 52-week savings challenge


  1. Take a cooking class
  2. Attend a concert
  3. See a movie at the drive-in (Tomorrowland/Avengers Double Feature, May 2015)
  4. Go to a sports game
  5. Carve a pumpkin
  6. Read 10 books
  7. Shoot at a gun range
  8. Make a DIY craft from Pinterest
  9. Visit a local brewery
  10. See a comedy show
  11. Go strawberry picking
  12. Attend a live show taping
  13. Visit a Man vs. Food or Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives restaurant
  14. Get dressed up and go somewhere fancy for NYE
  15. See a movie in theaters by myself
  16. Eat at a Michelin Star restaurant
  17. Go to a Manheim Steamroller show at Christmastime

Giving Back

  1. Buy coffee for a stranger
  2. Donate to charity
  3. Overhaul my clothes + donate things I don’t wear
  4. Send someone surprise flowers
  5. Mail someone a surprise package
  6. Design a t-shirt for charity
  7. Leave a 100% tip
  8. Donate a bag of toys/treats to a local animal shelter
  9. Create a recipe book for my Grandma