Fun Findings Friday #2

POP Phone
Although not necessary whatsoever, the POP Phone is probably one of the coolest tech accessories to exist, hooking up to Apple products (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) or any other phone, computer, or tablet’s headphone jack. Featured in a variety of colors (see below), the POP phone throws back to the days when we actually held a traditional phone in our hands. Prices for these snazzy accessories range from $25-30, not bad for something that adds a little color and nostalgia to your day!

Call Me Doctor
We’ve loved Rachel Bilson since her days of playing the great Summer Roberts on The O.C. and we have recently started watching her new CW show Hart of Dixie. However, her experiment with a career in the rap music industry has recently caught our attention. She is beyond hilarious in this video and we thought it would be great to share it with you all. Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to “Call Her Doctor!” 

Our third fun finding is for all the Tweeters out there! This cool tool allows you to view a breakdown of your Twitter profile (for free) by graphing your tweets per hour, day, and month, showing you the most frequent times and days you tweet. It also shows you who you reply to and RT the most, as well as which interfaces you use the most when sending tweets out.