Favorite Celebrity Hairstyles

Last week I posted a list of some of my favorite celebrity makeup looks. This week I’m posting some of my favorite celebrity hairstyles. From curly to straight, from braid to updos, here is my list of favorite looks! Let’s all try out some of these styles together!

Jennifer Aniston

When you think of Jen Aniston, we all immediately think of one thing: hair. Whether it was “The Rachel” back in the 90s or the pin straight golden blonde locks now, we always know she will have the best color, cut and style in Hollywood. Her stylist is nothing short of a master! Her hair is normally straight with a bounce of wave, and to get this look I suggest drying your hair straight with a large round brush to add the body!
Mila Kunis

Mila’s long, curly locks she rocked at the 2011 SAG Awards were absolutely beautiful! This is one my favorite looks, and one I try to accomplish on a daily basis. Her chocolate brown hair and light hues of blonde highlights make this look perfect! Using a one to one and a half inch curling iron, wrap strands of hair around the barrel and turn it upside down. Hold for about 15 seconds and release. Do this in layers and sections, spraying hairspray to keep the curls intact. We all can only hope to nail this look as well as she does!
Kristen Stewart

The “bed head” messy hair look is one of my absolute favorites. It’s cool and young and perfect for on-the-go! It helps to have somewhat of wavy to curly hair, but to get this look you basically do the same as Mila’s, only not making the curls so tight. Make sure to run your fingers through your hair after curling to help with the messy, loose look. Also, teasing the roots helps to perfect this!
Reese Witherspoon

Talk about a perfect pony-tail! Every time I see her, I think she looks like a perfect Barbie doll with her platinum blonde hair and girl-next-door smile. When she showed up to the 2011 Academy Awards, I melted over her high pony-tail. She pulled it off like only Reese could. I’m assuming she had an extra hair piece on top to add the thickness to her hair. This look is absolutely gorgeous and was styled perfectly on her!
Kate Hudson

I love Kate’s braid in the front of her hairline. This style simple and fast but can be a tricky one to accomplish. It helps to have an extra hand to help with this until your fingers get acquainted with the placements. You start at one side of the head and French braid the strand (size depending on your desired length and width) until you hit right behind the ear. After, secure your braid with a couple bobby pins and you have a fun look, perfect for a summer day! She made it complete by adding loose waves to the rest of her hair!
Selena Gomez

Selena’s classic curls are stunning on everyone of every age. The big barrel curls are tightly in place and her hair is pinned to one side to add a dramatic effect. I love the side look and makes her look so elegant!
Jessica Simpson

This curly updo is my favorite for a black tie affair. First you curl all your hair like you normally would, in sections and layers. You then twist your hair into a loose bun in the back (the style of bun is dependent upon each individual) and gently pulling pieces out all around the head and going over with the iron to enforce tight curls. In Jessica’s look she took her side bangs and straightened them, but depending on your hair texture, you can also curl those in front. Perfect!