Touch: The Pilot Episode

Jack Bauer is back! Well not quite, but Keifer Sutherland’s new show Touch is pretty awesome. FOX’s new show focuses on Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland) and his son Jake (David Mazouz), an 11 year-old boy who has never spoken a word. Jake immerses himself in patterns, saying [in the show intro] that “things most people see as chaos actually follow a set of laws or behaviors,” and believing in the “Red Threat of Fate,” an ancient Chinese myth that “the gods have tied a red thread around every one of our ankles and attached it to all the peoples lives who we’re destined to touch.”

The pilot episode focused on the numbers 318, building an intricate web (plot-wise), involving a number of people around the world—in New York, Baghdad, Dublin, Tokyo, and England. Each of these people ended up affecting one another’s lives greatly even though they were all complete strangers. To avoid spoiling the show for those who haven’t watched yet, I’ll give some brief highlights of the episode: a cell phone lost at Heathrow Airport makes its way around the world to all of the above-mentioned cities, Jack Bauer–err– Martin, gets into a scuffle, a boy in Baghdad gets caught almost stealing and is punished with having a bomb strapped to his chest, Jake climbs the same phone tower and just chills out at the top multiple times.. even in the rain, a man who played the same lotto numbers for 10 years finally hits the jackpot, and Jake places several cell phones in a dominos-type setup and they all ring.. at the same time.. from the same number. Intrigued?

The show definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. I really liked how the show was mapped out, flashing back and forth between characters and stories, and seeing how they all came together in the end. It almost seems as if part of the show concept was taken from Mitch Albom’s book The Five People You Meet in Heaven, as everyone connects in some way–except most of the people on the show never actually meet in person. I’m also wondering if there’s going to be a Heroes-like twist, with the supernatural aspects of the show. Will Jake meet others with the ability to see things the way he does, or people will another type of gift that could come into play?
Although I believe in patterns, I find it highly coincidental—perhaps too coincidental, that the numbers 318 popped up as many times as they did for the show to be realistic. I think it’ll be interesting to see how Kiefer Sutherland’s character will be in this show. Is he going to attempt to save the day for every pattern his son predicts and go into a full-time Jack Bauer type character solving mysteries and saving the day? Will Jake ever talk? What role will the social worker play in the show? Unfortunately last night’s episode was just a tease—a quick one-hour episode to introduce the show to viewers and leave them wanting more. The series will premiere on Monday, March 19th and 9 p.m. on FOX. If you missed the first episode, be sure to visit FOX’s official site for the show to get caught up!