Fun Findings Friday #3

Twilight Family Car Stickers
Calling all you Twi-Hards! Ever wanted to have Twilight themed stickers of your family for the back window of your car? Well now you can! We just discovered these and as fellow Twi-Hards we absolutely had to share with you! If you’re team Edward, you can have an Edward hubby and little baby Edward’s and Bella’s. If you’re team Jacob, you can have a Jacob hubby and little baby Jacob’s and Bella’s. Own a dog? Now he’s a wolf! You can also have a lion and lamb! Say it with me now, “awww!”

Color.Bug Hair Shadows

First Katy Perry. Then Lauren Conrad. Now Selena Gomez. Celebrities are all going nuts over the new trend of dying the tips of your hair a pastel color. Instead of worrying about dying your hair with real hair color, and dealing with either fading or longevity, there is a new brand called Color.Bug that has developed a line of temporary color shadows. Color.Bug comes in 3 different colors and is priced at $24. They rinse out at night and can be reapplied the next day! We’re dying over these and ordering them ASAP! Order your Color.Bug hair shadows here!

UGG Headphone Earmuffs
If you’re feeling the winter blues and are tired of dealing with the cold weather and all that comes with it, these Ugg Australia Headphone Earmuffs are exactly what you need! Available in black, grey, and ivory for $85 at Nordstrom, these earmuffs are worth the investment. Avoid dealing with digging tangled headphones out from the bottom of your purse, or putting earmuffs over your headphones. Simply put the headphones on and plug the AUX cord into the bottom of the headphones and into your iPod/music player and you’re ready to go! This accessory is one of our favorites for winter, stylish, fun, and handy!