Cause of the Month: Fuck Cancer!

Happy February all! It is the first of the month and you know what that means. It’s time for our cause of the month! There are so many wonderful charities that we love to choose from, but this month we decided to go with a relatively new cause called “Fuck Cancer!” Most everyone in some way or another has been touched by cancer, whether it is a family member, a friend or a co-worker. Cancer is the worst, and most of the time we all just want to tell it to “go fuck itself”, which is how the name was born.

I first heard about “F Cancer” from one of my favorite actresses and humanitarians, Sophia Bush. She is an incredible source of knowledge on many different charities and non-profit organizations around. When she started tweeting about her good friend’s new non-profit to help raise money for cancer, I wanted to know more. “F Cancer” is a unique approach to an organization, but is taking over like wildfire. The founder, Yael Cohen, created the organization after her mother was diagnosed with cancer. Here are her own words on how she came up with the title: “While my mother was recovering from her cancer surgery in 2009, I overheard the phrase ‘fuck cancer’ in passing. It instantly resonated with me – so much so that I had a shirt made for her the next day adorned with this modern-day proverb. To me, the shirt said, ‘Yes, I have cancer – but no, I won’t go down without one hell of a fight.’ It said, ‘I am not a patient – I am a survivor.’ My mom, being the kick-ass little rebel that she is, immediately wore it with pride.” 
Sophia Bush proudly wearing her Fuck Cancer t-shirt.
 One of the things she learned while going through this horrid disease with her mother was that 90% of cancers are curable in the first stage. So therefore, the thousands of people we lose a year to the hundred different types of cancers out there, doesn’t need to happen. The idea of this organization is to help raise money to assist more in-depth research that is out there. The other huge thing is, as young people and the future of this generation, if we start talking with our friends and families about the topic, we can help get people screened earlier and hopefully develop resources to catch it sooner so that people can be able to be cured of this awful disease before it gets any worse. 
The founder and creator, Yael Cohen (right) with her mother.
There are so many places you can donate, or just become more knowledgeable on the topic. You can visit Fuck Cancer’s official website here. I encourage everyone to check it out, donate the $4 you would spend on your Starbucks run today and help make a difference. Even just having a better understanding about cancer and how to find signs of early detection, you can be helping. Also, be selfish. NOBODY wants cancer. We all want cancer to go the fuck away. So, if only for your own benefit, open your mind and learn. Become self-aware and talk to your loved ones, join the movement and let’s help “F Cancer” beat this disease!