I Love the 90s: Part 1

I know it’s a little ridiculous but I currently have over 3,500 songs in my iTunes library. You might think it’s crazy but with that many titles I’m able to “rediscover” songs from the past–just like I did today. One of my favorite songs from growing up in the 90s came on and after that, I couldn’t stop searching for all of the other songs from back in the day. So for all you 90’s babies here are some of the best (not as popular but you’ll still remember them) songs from back in the day. Enjoy the tunes and check back next week for some more 90’s nostalgia!

I know you know this last one but I had to throw it in there. Hanson’s “Mmbop” will forever be my theme song of the 90s! What were some of your favorite 90s songs?