Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials-2012

This year the Super Bowl was a pretty exciting game and had most of America glued to their TV on Sunday night. But, most weren’t so interested in the game. The non Patriots and Giants fans were more interested to see what companies and products could come out with the best commercials of the night. Some were funny and heartfelt. Others had us reminiscing about some of our favorite classic movies and TV stars. Nonetheless, here are my top 5 favorite commercials from last night:
5. Audi
God knows I love me anything that has to do with vampires. And Audi didn’t let me down with a funny commercial about a vampire party! If you’re anti-Twilight, you’ll love vanishing vamps, and if you’re a Twilight-a-holic, like myself, you’ll love the fact that everyone needs to incorporate vampires into their products to sell nowadays!

4. M&M
Probably the commercial that had me laughing the loudest last night was the hilarious M&M milk chocolate commercial. During the Super Bowl viewers were introduced to a new character, Ms. Brown. Although, because of her color, others think she’s shedding her shell and going au-natural. They’re sexy and they know it!

3. Volkswagen
Not as amazing as their Darth Vader kid commercial last year, but Volkswagen definitely knocked it with another sweet commercial this year. Dog lovers will love this sweet pup and have a good laugh as “the dog strikes back”!

2. Honda
Honda killed it last night with a recreation of the 1980’s iconic film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. As Matthew Roderick reprising his famous role, he decides to fake sick and take a day off work. With a clever ad and funny innuendos hidden throughout the commercial, this one was sure to be a hit!

1. Doritos
There is only one reason why this was my favorite commercial of the night. The baby. That sweet face laughing as he flings through the air on a sling shot to steal a bag of Doritos away from his snotty brother. Classic!