Social Fresh East: Day 1 Recap

Attention social media fans– this post is for you! Today marks day 2 of the Social Fresh East Conference in Tampa, bringing people from a variety of companies together for a more in-depth look at the social media landscape and how to master it. Lots of great content and statistics were shared with us yesterday during the days five sessions. I thought I’d share an overview of the day for attendees to be refreshed and ready for the day and for followers to (hopefully) learn some new things. Below is a recap of Day 1 of Social Fresh East. Hope you find the info helpful!

Reppin’ the Blog at our first SM conference!

Jesse Catlin of E-Marketer spoke to us first about the Top Digital Trends for 2012. The top 3 to focus on: Mobile, Video, and Content Curation. As a former Southwest intern, I appreciated the fact that he threw in a quote from the legendary founder of the airline, Herb Kelleher–“The business of business is people.” Catlin also made a very important point, stating that “if people don’t trust you, they’re not going to buy from you.” Some highlights of his presentation:

  • Facebook remains leading SM network– 2/3 of U.S. currently uses
  • We’ll see a 44% increase in smartphone users in 2012
  • It’s important to humanize your SM interactions with people
  • Growth in video viewership reflects widespread availability of digital content
  • Finding, organizing & sharing online content will get more important every year
  • Very optimistic about the future of SM + ROI

Eric Boggs of Argyle Social Media talked about Top Online Retailers and their lack of SM expertise, although what really seemed to make an impression on the attendees were his argyle pants (see below). Representing a SM Marketing Software company, Boggs came armed with some interesting stats:

  • More than 1/2 of the top online retailers have an audience size of <100k
  • 91% of retailers use free/cheap (< $50) on SMM tools such as Tweetdeck & Hootsuite
  • Most retailers (84%) don’t have any social commerce on their Facebook page
  • 44% of retailers never implement a CTA (call to action) for promos
Eric Boggs rocking his argyle pants. Photo taken from @brucefloyd’s Instagram

After the first couple speakers, we took a snack/stretch break and McDonalds of Tampa Bay handed out a box of their new Chicken McBites to each of the attendees, and also encouraged people to strike a pose and send out their pics over SM accounts– Kayla and I jumped right on this.

Chuck Hemann of WCG tackled SM Monitoring beyond the traditional PR/Marketing person. Hemann expressed the importance of developing a response matrix for responding to comments, and that if the issue is pressing, even the person with 1 follower should receive a response from your company. Also, if you’re looking for new SMM (social media monitoring) tools, I encourage you to check out the Wiki page that Chuck referenced here. There are 200+ tools (some free, some not) that you’ll find extremely helpful when monitoring conversation about your brand.

  • When developing your report, focus on the 5 W’s: What, Where, When, Who, Why
    • What are people saying about the brand?
    • Where are people talking about the brand?
    • When are people talking about the brand?
    • Who is talking about the brand?
    • Why are people talking about the brand?

Kipp Bodnar of Hubspot explained the importance of SM Leads and how to build on them. One of the best quotes I heard during Day 1 came from his presentation– “Your followers aren’t sitting by the computer waiting for you to say something. They look on their own time.”

  • 73% of CEO’s don;’t believe that marketers drive revenue
  • 3 Must-Haves of SM Lead Generation: Build SM reach, maximize content discovery & conversion ubiquity
  • Shelf life of a SM link = 3 hours
  • Better to automatically share (scheduled updates) than manually share and have 1/2 the updates

Scott Monty of Ford Motor Company discussed Google+ and what makes it different. Monty was the first Keynote speaker of the conference and proved to be a great one, ending the first day of the conference. Sidenote: This man is full of sound-bites. Monty, the originator of the “tweetup”brought up excellent points for those in the SM world– “comments aren’t conversations,” and that “social is a core human behavior, not a destination.”

  • Asked Ford’s Google+ community what they wanted– resulted in 60 pages of content
  • 71% say reviews from family members/friends influence purchase decisions
  • 56% of DVR owners fast forward through commercials
  • 77% of brand content is created by consumers
Keynote, Scott Monty of Ford. Photo taken from @kenneth_james’ Instagram