Social Fresh East: Day 2 Recap

I can’t believe how fast the two days of the Social Fresh East Conference went! Nonetheless, it was a GREAT experience and I definitely recommend attending in the future if you can. The next Social Fresh Conference will be on the West Coast sometime in late Summer 2012, and hopefully will return to Tampa again next year for Social Fresh East.

Although I really enjoyed Day 1 of the Conference, Day 2 was by far my favorite, with 7 info-filled sessions. Take a look at some of the highlights of the sessions below:

Jay Baer from Convince & Convert, one of my favorite speakers, kicked the day off with a lot of laughs, speaking on Connecting Two Powerful Channels: Facebook & E-mail. From his keynote speech came one of the best quotes of the day–“E-mail is Madonna, the original, kinda broke down and not cool. FB is Lady Gaga-same thing but with a fresh coat of paint.”

  • New doesn’t necessarily mean better
  • 58% of adults check e-mail first thing in the morning
  • E-mail inboxes are exploding– build a touch point central (don’t spam customers)
  • Write 3 different headlines for the same post and send them out at various times of the day
  • Suggest they like you on FB when unsubscribing from e-mail list
  • 77% of online buyers desire social login
  • After liking your page, the newsfeed will mostly become your relationship, people don’t often return to page
Best Powerpoint slide at Social Fresh East

    Shauna Causey, former member of Nordstrom’s SM team presented on on Pinterest as a Discovery Engine.

    • Pinterest great social commerce tool– people aren’t buying a lot on FB & Twitter
      • Stands out: simple easy design, low maintenance, aspiration actions, sales potential
      • Mostly used for: finding recipes, fashion ideas, inspirational quotes, funny photos
    • 80% female/20% male users, 35-44 age group & $25-50k household income has most users
    • Brands on Pinterest doing it right– Whole Foods, PGA, Mod Cloth, Lands End, Etsy, Birch Box
    • Average time spent on Pinterest = 15 minutes
    • Male version of Pinterest in Beta- Clipboard

      Jane Quigley from Strategy JQ presented some helpful tips on Foundations of Successful Social Media Strategy.

      • Put your strategy before everything else, all tactics will come once overall strategy is in place
      • Drive customers to create customers (word of mouth)
      • Empower fans- give them tools to advocate for you
      • Empower employees- create programs for them to contribute in powerful ways

      Adrian Parker, former SM Director at Radio Shack explained the importance of Using Social Media to Look Back & Move Forward, as well as amusing attendees with his impression of Texan Cowboy-like lawyers (he’s based in Ft. Worth, TX), and their lack of knowledge of social media.

      • Switch from community manager & become a coach/educator
      • Business of social = the business of trust
      • How Do We Elevate?
        • If they know the cost, prove the worth
        • Give teams permission to fail
        • Leadership is plural, vision is singular
        • Keep your enemies close
        • Progress over perfection

      Self-proclaimed ninja, Christopher Penn of What Counts broke down the art of Performance Based Social Media. Another popular quote of the day came from his keynote speech- “People in social media marketing have the attention spans of squirrels on crack.” Well said, Chris.

      • Beware of: selection bias, measurement bias & bad research/conclusions
      • Start with a simple recipe, then add things to make it better
      • Follow the best practices, vary them, transcend best practices
      • Tell a good story- include conflict & state change
      Photo taken from Chris Penn’s Powerpoint presentation

      Christopher Moody from Red Hat (and a potential comedian), was also one of my favorite speakers at Social Fresh East with the combination of his “potential tweet” slides and introduction of attendees to a new awkward photos site (beware: you’ll spend hours on here). Moody explained 5 Ways to Harness The Power of Community.

      • People are already talking about something similiar to what you do. Study them.
      • Give others a voice- are you amplifying what people are saying? Read comments & take action
      • Host collaboration & sponsor a movement
      • Stop treating customers like a middle school dance (see awkward photo site link above)
      • Expose thought leaders- put interesting people in the general public
      • If you have customers, you have a community. Do something about it.

      The final speaker for the day was Matthew Knell of AOL, who closed the conference out on a great note, presenting on The Future of Social Media Platforms while also live-tweeting through his presentation, with scheduled tweets. Knell also argued that Facebook has reached its peak. Do you agree?

      • Internet based networks booming- all facilitate serendipitous discovery
      • Do a content audit
        • How do you want to tell story?
        • Who on your team will manage acts?
        • Your brand and where it fits in the world
        • Curation/Copyright concerns
        • What are you already doing on other SM platforms?
      • 30% of marketers plan to increase usage of Tumblr in 2012
      • 68% of Fortune 500 companies had success with Foursquare in 2011
      • Use networks wisely
        • Tumblr- Tell stories in simple posts with an emphasis on content but want to take advantage of built in community
        • Foursquare- When you are a business/brand trying to translate offline actions into online
        • Instagram- When you want to capture moments in time in photos
        • Pinterest- When you want to claim your share of the interest graph & have creative/fashionable audience

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