Movie Review: The Vow

Rachel and I were fortunate enough to snag tickets to see an early screening of the romance film, The Vow, out in theaters this Friday, February 10. Us along with a couple of our best friends decided to make a girls night out of it, which was perfect seeing as this is film is totally for the chicks! If you’re planning on seeing this movie, prepare yourself with a stash of tissues and your eyes ready to swoon at the unbelievably handsome Channing Tatum!
The film starts out with star-struck lovers Paige (Rachel McAdams) and Leo (Tatum) happily married and living in the city of Chicago. She’s a sculptor and he owns a record company. After an evening out on the town, they are involved in tragic car accident that leaves the non-seat belt wearing Paige in a coma in the hospital. When she awakens, she is left with no recollection of her time with Leo. The past five years have been erased from her memory, leaving Leo to try and put the pieces together of their love, hoping to regain her memory. 
The Vow is open in theaters nationwide on February 10th.
The very Notebook-esque film is perfect for all the romance loving women (and some men) out there. As one of those women who goes ga-ga for any film of this genre, I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it. McAdams is, as always, perfectly lovable as the artsy Paige, who essentially has to balance two personalities, especially when she is diagnosed with amnesia and the last memory she has is being engaged to her ex-boyfriend Jeremy (Scott Speedman). It gets somewhat frustrating when the super romantic Leo tries anything and everything to help his wife remember him and the love they had and nothing works. He leaves out their wedding video for her to watch, and sexy voicemails for her to listen to. Still, nothing sparks a memory and she is left depending upon her distant parents and newly engaged sister who she hasn’t spoken to in five years. For Tatum’s part in the film, this is some of his best acting I’ve seen. He is so warm and likable. Every woman out there will swoon over how much Leo loves his wife and the lengths he’ll go to for her and her happiness.
The Vow definitely has some cliché moments, as every romance film does. But throughout the film it definitely leaves you on edge of the will-they-won’t-they stay together and will-she-won’t-she regain her memory. The love triangle is definitely one-sided, although Speedman does a good job at charming Paige and the audience. But despite all that, you still never lose hope that Paige and Leo end up together. With Valentine’s Day weekend coming up, this will sure be a hit. Men will probably be dragged by their women to see this film, and I’m not sure how much they will enjoy the melodrama, but if this is your kind of film, you will love it. I do wish the ending was a little different, but all-in-all I was very pleased with this film and very much enjoyed the chemistry between McAdams and Tatum. I recommend this film, especially if you want to see some Channing Tatum nudity!
Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams sizzle with their on-screen chemistry.
My last remark about this is, if I woke up from a coma and Channing Tatum was standing over me telling me he was my husband, I would not question it!