Fun Findings Friday #5

Munchstache Cookie Cutters
Our first fun finding of the week is an epic baking accessory, especially if you’re planning on having a party any time soon (even if it’s a one-person party). Since mustache-related things have been all the rage as of late, we’re inspired to order our own Fred & Friends Munchstache Cookie Cutters. Retailing for $10 on Amazon, we find this a necessity for the kitchen. Who said playing with your food couldn’t be fun?!


Are you a fan of TV and free stuff? If so, you should download new social TV app for iPhone- Viggle. Similiar to other social TV apps GetGlue and Miso, this app allows you to check-in to current TV shows you’re watching. The catch? You must watch it live. Rewards points for each show varies (about 200-400 points for each check-in) and the app even allows you to set a reminder for yourself to tune in. You must accumulate a minimum of 6,500 points to cash in for a reward. Obviously, the higher the points, the better the prize. Currently, the “best” (most costly in points) reward you can score is an Amazon Kindle for 175,000 points– just for watching TV and checking in. Not a bad deal at all! Other potential rewards include: an iPod shuffle, donation to charities, movie tickets, or gift cards to companies such as Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, Target, Fandango, and Sephora. Happy TV watching!

Nicki Minaj OPI Nail Polish
We are HUGE fans of female rap super-star Nicki Minaj! We can both rap “Super Bass” like no ones business. So it’s safe to say we love anything and everything Nicki! While shopping for a new nail polish colors, we discovered Nicki was developed a line of nail polish colors with OPI. One of the many reasons we love her so much is because of her crazy style! Check out these fun colors and play around with your nails! Xoxo!


Last week we posted one of our FAVORITE videos ever, Kristen Bell and the sloth. The hilarious video about Kristen’s encounter with her favorite animal was so widely popular on YouTube that some Auto-Tuned pros decided to make an even more hilarious song out of it! Check out this video that Ellen debuted on her show this week! What a great follow-up from last week… It just keeps on getting better!


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