Movie Review: This Means War

This Means War is in theaters nationwide Friday, February 17th.
Rachel and I got to experience another adventure at the movie theater last week. We were fortunate enough to see an advanced screening of the action-romantic-comedy film “This Means War”. The movie consists of two best friend CIA agents who try and seduce the same girl. The film gives plenty of action and comedy for the guys to enjoy and some sweet romance for the girls. The movie is refreshingly clever and genuinely funny, and with the most beautiful people at every turn of the camera.

 “This Means War” is very fast-paced and lacks any dull, dragged out moments. Tom Hardy plays the sweet and sensitive Tuck, who meets the very lovable Lauren, played by the adorable Reese Witherspoon, on an internet dating website. After having their first date over coffee, she meets ladies man FDR, played by the incredibly handsome Chris Pine, while renting a movie. Let the love triangle ensue. 
There are plenty of action-packed CIA sequences, but the best moments in the film are the ones showing the usage of the CIA equipment to sabotage one another’s date with Lauren. When both Tuck and FDR realize they are dating the same woman, they decide to have a “Gentlemen’s Agreement” and stay out of each other’s way and let Lauren decide who she likes best. But in a typical mans fashion, neither of them can stay out of the way and both end up trying to destroy each other with mischievous plots. Lauren is being filmed and tricked and spied on, and all going unnoticed. Eventually Lauren develops serious feelings for them both but, the drop in this film is that from very early on you can tell who she has stronger feelings for.
Pine and Hardy have a very real chemistry together that makes you believe they really are best friends. Both of them are unbelievably handsome and charming in both their roles. Witherspoon is, as always, extremely lovable and cute. Chelsea Handler plays Witherspoon’s trash-talking best friend, Trish, who has great lines, but lacks a great delivery. Let’s just say that Handler should stick to her day job as a talk show host. The film was fun, entertaining, sweet and romantic, and also had me at the edge of my seat. I absolutely recommend this film for any gender of any age. It is outrageous in the best possible way! It has a great plot, talented actors, hilarious one-liners and the hope that one day we could all have two men like Chris Pine and Tom Hardy vying for our love!