5 Funny Sites To Brighten Your Day

It’s always nice to stumble across something that can instantly brighten your day. For me, it’s something as little as finding a website that I can spend hours wasting time on, and laughing hysterically at. Here are 5 of my favorite “funny sites.” I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


This site is my absolute favorite for e-cards.. and just in general for getting some great laughs. Just like any other e-card site, you can sort by occassion. Someecards isn’t afraid to be bold and say the things that people truly think but might not always say. Pay it forward and send one of their e-cards to someone you know, it’ll brighten their day instantaneously!

People of Walmart

This hilarious website features pictures of various people spotted at Walmart stores. All I can say is my mind is blown at some of the “creatures” (as they call them on the People of Walmart site) that show up to the store. Have you ever spotted anything crazy at your Walmart? From now on make sure to snap a quick picture and upload it to the site!

Damn You Autocorrect

iPhone users will greatly appreciate this site, as every single user has experienced the wrath of autocorrect. Sure, the feature comes in handy plenty of times, but then there are other times when your words get completely distorted. It can be especially funny with the older iPhone users (ex. parents). One of my favorite personal experiences with it? Typing “Wahh” and getting “Wahhabi.” Uhh, does ANYONE know what that means?

Awkward School Photos

We’ve all been there. Those super-awkward photos from your childhood, especially as the fashion trends change each decade. Spinning off of the original (Awkward Family Photos), this site will keep you entertained, looking at all of the different stages of school- elementary, middle, high school, and college, as well as the always-dreaded yearbook photos.

Dumb Tweets @ Brands

Social media is a huge way for companies and consumers to connect with each other. But have you ever wondered what some people are asking/saying to these companies on Twitter? This Tumblr featuring tweets to various brands will make you LOL.

* Photos taken directly from above-mentioned sites


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  1. February 21, 2012 / 7:04 PM

    Best Blog yet!!! Totally brightened my day to the point where i need sunglasses now!! Love your blog!