Fun Findings Friday #7

Miranda Lambert Anti-Chris Brown Vid

At one of country singer, Miranda Lambert’s recent concerts, a fan held up a sign saying “Take Notes Chris Brown,” referring to Miranda’s bold lyrics when it comes to dealing with men. As her band started playing “Gunpowder and Lead,” Miranda spotted the sign and ran over to grab it, going off on a rant about how men beating up on women is never ok, saying, “my daddy taught me early on in life how to use a shotgun.” As if we didn’t love Miranda Lambert enough already, she just became 10,000x greater with this. Kudos, Miranda!

The Hunger Games Nail Polish

Nail polish brand China Glaze will debut a special line of polish colors dedicated to The Hunger Games, officially available to purchase starting on March 1st, just in time for the films March 23rd theatrical release. Here is the official swatch chart of all the shades inspired by the nation of Panem! As fellow Hunger Game lovers, you can be sure we’ll be checking these out and getting our nails pretty for the big premiere!

Taylor Swift and Zac Efron Sing To Ellen
Earlier this week Taylor Swift and Zac Efron appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote their new animated flick, The Lorax! The best part of their appearance was surprising Ellen with a song dedicated to her. Watch and enjoy the two cute superstars serenade Ellen with the beat of Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks.”