Tuesday Tunes

I love that iTunes has a special section for celebrity playlists- as in what our favorite artists listen to/what inspires them. My song pick for this week was one I found on indie artist Matt Nathanson’s playlist of favorite songs. This acoustic version of “Get In The Car And Drive,” by Blu Sanders. This is a great song if you’re in a mellow mood, one that I always find myself listening to as the day comes to an end.

This week my Tuesday Tune is “Off I Go” by Greg Laswell. I first heard this song on the season 5 finale of my favorite show Grey’s Anatomy. During an extremely emotional and heart-wrenching scene, a brilliant song is key. It’s a few years old, but nonetheless an excellent song. Every time I listen to it it still tugs at my heart strings. I will always think of that elevator door opening and seeing George standing there in his military suit, Izzie contemplating whether or not to step into the light with him. Even if you’re not a Grey’s fan, you will enjoy this song. It has great lyrics, a talented voice and a cool beat. Enjoy!