TV Characters Who Inspire Fashion

 I love fashion. I love television shows. Put the two together and I am in heaven. One of my favorite parts about watching TV shows is seeing what my favorite characters will be wearing each and every episode. They are my style icons and a lot of times they are who inspire my wardrobe every morning: “Ooh, this is soooo Carrie Bradshaw!” So slip on those Manolo Blahniks and enjoy a list of my favorite TV characters who’ve inspired fashion. Okay, they may be $39.95 knock-off Manolo Blahnik heels from TJ Maxx, but hey, a girl can dream!

Carrie Bradshaw

Let’s start off with the queen herself, Ms. Carrie Bradshaw. This goes without saying but if I ever saw Sarah Jessica Parker walking down the street, I’d run in front of her and bow down. She has inspired women everywhere with her fashion risks on Sex and the City and will forever be a style icon on that show. I bet in 30 years women will still be looking at her fashion and trying to emulate it. Even when Carrie was wearing workout gear and ripped sweat pants, she was still strutting down the streets of New York City wearing those sky-high Blahnik heels, making gym clothes look fashionable. If only I were that graceful. Carrie always had a way of making the most outrageous pieces of clothing look presentable, relatable and best of all, wearable. She lived in a tiny apartment, barely being able to afford rent (until she married Mr. Big, of course) but she always seemed to have the newest dress from Gucci. Like Carrie so adequately said: “I like my money right where I can see it. My closet.”

Serena van der Woodsen & Blair Waldorf

These two characters are on the most fashion forward show on television at the moment: Gossip Girl. Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf (played by Blake Lively and Leighton Meester) have completely changed the meaning of “city chic”. In a way, Serena and Blair are the Carrie Bradshaw’s of this generation. Although both characters are extremely high-fashion, they both have very different styles. Serena (my personal favorite) is more of the modern boho-chic look. She mixes a lot of couture with vintage pieces. Blair is a more conservative, who loves to mix bright colors and patterns. The key to copying these looks is to find one stand-out piece and work the rest of your outfit around it. But above all, be yourself. These girls are all about expressing who you are through their outfits. Their ensembles are always so specific to their own personalities so make sure when inspiring your Monday morning wardrobe, stay true to who you are and you’ll create the perfect outfit for you!

The Kardashians

The Kardashians get a lot of slack for being famous for nothing. But what have they done with nothing? Turned it into a multimillion dollar empire. And there is one thing you can’t deny them. They are fashion icons. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe all have vastly different styles and give a little inspiration for each type of style. They love to mix contemporary brands with high-end brands and always a great heel to top it off! Kourtney (my personal favorite) is the boho-chic sister. The difference that she adds to the bohemian look is mixing a lot of high-end numbers with lower-budget pieces. She opts for lots of patterns and colors. Kim is the most conservative out of the group. She stays very high-end with a lot of dark and soft colors. And of course, she shows off all her famous curves by wearing a lot of tight, curve-hugging ensembles. Khloe has the most laid-back style of the sisters. She opts for a lot of animal print clothing and dark items, occasionally dropping in a bright red piece. She’s also known as the accessory queen by always pairing her outfit with hats and scarves! The Kardashians now have their own clothing line for Sears so you too can now have outfits just like your favorite Kardashian!
Brooke Davis
We’ve all heard the phrase “hoes over bros”. On One Tree Hill Brooke Davis, perfectly played by Sophia Bush, felt it and turned it into a million dollar creation all on her own; furthering the proof that Brooke Davis is probably one of the most inspirational characters on TV. Brooke created a fashion line called Clothes Over Bro’s and in the fictional world of Tree Hill has blossomed into a famous, high-end business. So, needless to say, their creator isn’t slumping around in old jeans and oversized t-shirts. Brooke Davis is an independent, true fashionista. She always has fun with fashion and always has the most appropriate attire for each occasion. She incorporates beautiful ensembles which are always a perfect balance of sexy and professional. She has a very classy, sophisticated and adult sense of style and one that is easy to draw inspiration from. So whether you’re dressing for work, a date, a girls night or low-key trip to the movies, Brooke Davis is always a great fashion go-to!

Summer Roberts and Marissa Cooper

Gosh do I miss The O.C. I miss the adorable Seth Cohen and the sexy bad-boy-turned-good Ryan Atwood. But most importantly, I miss the fashion. I miss seeing what the characters would be wearing each and every episode. The two main female leads of the show Summer Roberts (played by my personal style icon Rachel Bilson) and Marissa Cooper (played by Mischa Barton) always had the most envy-worthy outfits. Of course they lived in Newport Beach in the richest part of California and could afford to look good, but hey, it’s still worth swooning over! All of us girls wanted Marissa’s fashion designer threads and Summer’s bohemian tops. Marissa’s looks is the epitome of California. Her style was definitely schoolgirl preppy and wore a lot of dresses and flats with lighter colors to highlight that California tan. Summer may have been Marissa’s sidekick for a while but she definitely stood out with her fashion. Summer was more daring with her wardrobe and trendy – the one you’d see in the fashion mags. She’d match flowy, patterned tops with a great pair of True Religion jeans and flashy heels. Well at least we have DVD’s to watch back, reminisce and incorporate into our own closet!
Women of Mad Men
Are you a Peggy, a Betty or a Joan? For a show set in the 1960s, the fashion is coming back full throttle and hitting the runways everywhere. The show has become fashion inspiration for so many men and women. The women’s styles are classy and sophisticated, feminine and sexy all at the same time. Each characters wardrobe is perfectly fit to each characters personality. Mixing floral, patterns and colors, it is the perfect vintage look we are all so striving to find. Now, we “normal people” don’t sit around our house in gorgeous chiffon and 6 inch heels, but for a night out on the town or professional business meeting, look straight to this television hit for your 60s inspired creations!