Movie Review: Jeff, Who Lives At Home

Jason Segel and Ed Helms. What more could you ask for? Paramount’s newest film, Jeff Who Lives At Home hits theaters this Friday, March 16th and is a movie I recommend you see!
Jason Segel as Jeff– Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Much different than the typical 30-year-old stoner who lives in his parents basement movie, Segel pulls off a great performance (as usual), playing the main character Jeff. With constant references to the movie Signs (Jeff’s favorite movie), this fim had me cracking up nonstop. Helm’s plays Jeff’s brother Pat, the “star child”– well, more so than Jeff. Although the brothers don’t seem to get along well, they start to come together after Pat convinces himself that his wife is having an affair.. leading to Pat’s stake-out across the street while Jeff slides into the restaurant booth nearest his sister-in-law.
Jeff stalking his brother’s wife’s date–Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures
Susan Sarandon also stars as Jeff and Pat’s mother, working a 9-5 job in a dreary office setting. Frustrated by the constant disappointment her sons seem to bring with their lack of motivation, she glances periodically at a peaceful picture of a beautiful waterfall, framed on her desk.
Following the lives of a mother and her two sons (the father died years ago), the film is interesting, funny, and quite thought-provoking. Just like the movie Signs— Why do things happen? How does it all come together? The questions go on and on. But it makes you put your own life into a new perspective.
Ultimately, the movie analyzes the meaning and our own destiny in life and how/why things happen, with the underlying message: everything happens for a reason and you should live your life to the fullest every day.
Segel and Helms in Jeff Who Lives At Home— Photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures