Fun Findings Friday #10

Hidden Animal Teacups

Want to have a little fun with your coffee and tea in the morning? Check out these cute ceramic mugs with hidden animals at the bottom. The come in a variety of different animals such as an octopus, bear, owl, fox and shark and are priced around $20 for a box of 3. These are just cute little products to brighten up your morning and are available to order on Amazon.

What Happened? Band Aids

Ever have a boo-boo and get irritated when everyone asks you “what happened??” Now, you can stop explaining to all your friends the stories behind your bandages. Introducing the What Happened? band aids! Now you don’t have to explain your injuries by simply putting on the band aid that describes your incident, such as shark bite and dance-off! These are inexpensive and hilarious ways to cover your injuries and have a little fun while doing it. You can buy these from your local Urban Outfitters store or on their official website for a low price of $7 per box!

Venmo iPhone App 

Our third fun finding this week is the iPhone app, Venmo. We often find ourselves out with friends, whether it be for a movie, dinner, drinks, or a hangout at a local spot. However, we always find it difficult to keep track of who picked up the tab, and who owes who what money. This app is great in helping to solve that problem. Simply link a bank account to the app, add your friends who use the app and you’re ready to go! With an option to “pay” or “charge,” you can instantly add payments before you forget who owes you and who you owe money. When paying/charging, you can even write a message as to what the money is for—bills, concert tickets, coffee, etc. The app will give you a confirmation once you’ve paid, and a notification will pop up on the receiver’s end. Pretty cool, huh?

This app is free to download and compatible with major banks such as: Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, CITI, TD Bank, and PNC (just to name a few) and is completely secure.