Fun Findings Friday #11

Curly Girl Design Cards
Curly Girl Design is primarily a greeting card company- but a little different than your typical Hallmark card. Instead, these inspirational/girl-power cards have messages that’re right in line with what us girls need to [hear] read sometimes. Check out the designs here.

Kristen Bell LOVES The Hunger Games
If you couldn’t tell already, we absolutely love Kristen Bell. We also absolutely love The Hunger Games. So put the two together and we are in heaven. Earlier this week, Kristen was on the Jimmy Kimmel show promoting her new Showtime series House of Lies. She talked about her love for the The Hunger Games trilogy, which included reading all three books to fiancé Dax Shepard, and having a Hunger Games themed birthday party! Kristen, can we be BFF’s already?? Enjoy this hilarious clip from her interview. She starts talking about THG around the 1:55 minute mark!

Type and Walk App

If you’re anything like us, your balance may just be a little bit off. We both find ourselves tripping and falling over everything from curbs to our own feet. And forget multitasking! We are definitely “those people” who have to stop walking when trying to send a text. We have problems watching where we’re going and typing at the same time. Well, now our problems are solved! The geniuses over at Apple don’t want any liability cases, so they created the “Type and Walk” app that shows a video of what is directly in front of you while you text. Amen! You can download this free app at the app store on your iPhone. You’re welcome, people!