Countdown To The End: One Tree Hill

The original cast in the poster for the very first season. I had this poster hanging on my wall nine years ago.

The countdown has officially begun. The series finale of The CW’s One Tree Hill is only six days away. I can speak for all my fellow OTHer’s when I say the tears are already flowing. Last night’s episode, entitled “Anyone Who Had a Heart” was directed by our very own Brooke Davis, aka Sophia Bush. There were many moments throughout the episode that brought me to tears just knowing that the story of our beloved town of Tree Hill and our beloved friends like Brooke, Haley and Nathan are wrapping up. We’re starting to get closure and, in my opinion, that is heartbreaking. I’m not ready! But, time is no mans friend, and time is ticking away fast. Six days will be gone in no time and soon we will all be sitting on our couches, gripping our tissues, saying goodbye to something that has been apart of our lives for nine years. It is more than a show. Like Julian said in last night’s episode about his future television show “they understand what it can be. A show that’s not afraid to be quiet or heartfelt. A show that is romantic and sexy. One that makes you feel like you’re not alone.” Only us true One Tree Hiller’s get this. This is OTH in a nutshell. The little show that could surpassed everyone’s expectations and went on for nine wonderful years. We laughed, we cried, we gasped… So, in honor of the show that makes us feel so special, here is a little countdown. My most memorable OTH moments from the past nine years!

The cast posing for the very last season.

15. The Original Opening Sequence
That happy feeling we got when heard that “bum bum bum…. I don’t want to be…”
14. Lucas and Peyton (Finally) Say “I Do”
After years of secret affairs and love-lost glances, Peyton and Lucas finally got it right. Peyton was a pregnant bride and Haley performs the ceremony in a beautiful outdoor wedding.

13. “I was proud of you everyday”
During a blackout storm in Tree Hill, Nathan showed Haley that despite how mad he was at her leaving to tour, he was always proud. And there ensues the sexiest rain scene in the history of television.

12. The Boy Toy Auction
All the boys struttin’ their stuff down a runway, auctioning themselves off for dates… What more do I need to say? Swoon!

11. Quentin Shockingly Dies
We all remember that moment when Nathan and Haley had to tell Jamie that his beloved friend and idol had been shot and killed. Just the thought of it brings tears to my eyes.

10. Go Brooke Yourself
No words needed. We all remember this hilarious moment and don’t lie, you say it now too!

9. Julian Saves Brooke and Jamie
In this sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat episode, Julian saved Brooke and Jamie’s lives when their car gets hit on a bridge during a hurricane and falls into the river. Phew!

8. “Take a walk with me brother”
This moment. The moment none of us ever thought we’d cry about. After nine years of Dan Scott escaping death, his time caught up with him. And the most surprising was the return of our beloved Uncle Keith.

7. Peyton and Brooke Fight Psycho Derek
Peyton and Brooke are captured by Peyton’s pseudo-brother Derek and fight to save each other’s lives, just in time to attend prom.

6. The 100th Episode
The episode that gave us all heart attacks. The evil Nanny Carrie abducts the adorable Jamie Scott. The terror on Haley’s face, the panic in Lucas’ words. What a nerve-raking episode.

5. “Don’t say I never gave you anything!”
Nathan giving Haley that colorful Cracker Jacks bracelet. Always and Forever.

4. The Girl Behind The Red Door Lives Happily-Ever-After
Brooke Davis finally lands the man of her dreams and is blessed by becoming pregnant (when no one thought she could) with twin boys. Davis and Jude are two lucky little boys!

3. The Seniors Final Goodbye
After graduation (and the birth of James Lucas Scott) the gang goes to the final party of their high school days. They said goodbye to the past four years and danced to Spice Girls. Gosh, I love this show!

2. Lightning Crashes
During this slow-motion montage to Live’s “Lightning Crashes”, everyone races out of graduation when Haley’s water breaks during her Valedictorian speech.

1.The School Shooting
Jimmy Edwards has had enough. The gang’s former friend shoots up the school, accidentally shooting Peyton in the leg, holding a group hostage, all before putting the gun to his chest and ending his grief. After a heartbroken Keith could not save Jimmy, Dan walks in, picks up the gun and kills his brother. This was the most controversial, heartbreaking and powerful episode of One Tree Hill ever, and maybe even in television history.

Until next week…