Comedy At It’s Finest

Since Monday is usually the most dreaded day of the week by many, I thought I’d compile a list and some clips of my all-time favorite comedians/routines to bring a little laughter to your day.

Anjelah Johnson
You might recognize this girl from the “Bon Qui Qui” video on MadTV awhile back. And if you remember that, you know that she’s absolutely hysterical. If not, click the link above to check it out. That said, Anjelah Johnson is hands down my favorite female comedian. Her video “Nail Salon” (below) is guaranteed to have any girl whose ever been to a nail salon laughing so hard tears come out.

Mike Birbiglia
I discovered this comedian with a friend of mine in high school, as we wandered the “Comedy CD” section at Best Buy, looking for a few laughs. Upon listening to a few of his stand-up routines, we couldn’t get enough! “Cracka” was by far our favorite of his, and still remains one of my favorite comedy routines today.

Aziz Ansari
Aziz is surely next up to make it big in the comedy world. His name is already well known around Hollywood and having recently released a new stand up special, he’s been getting even more publicity. This clip, “Relationships” is from that special, Dangerously Delicious, and is pretty funny.

Jen Kober
Jen stopped by my college for “Comedy Night” last year and absolutely proved herself. Loud and boisterously, this comedian kills it with her most famous routine, “Skinny Bitches.” Sidenote: Kober also made a cameo appearance at the end of American Reunion, which I was very excited about!

Russell Peters
This guy is absolutely hysterical. I’ve been following him for about 5 years now and although I’ve yet to see a live show myself (place and time never seem to line up), he always sells out each one of his shows without fail. “Beijing KFC” is one of his best routines that will surely bring you quite a few laughs.

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