Television Reunions We’d Love To See

As a fan of television, it obvious some of the best television shows ever made are now in the past. Not a night goes by, when I’m flipping through the TV guide, wishing that some of my favorite shows were still on the air. From there, I start to wonder where all my favorite characters are and what they are doing. Are they still in the same environments as when we said goodbye to them? I decided to blog about my favorite TV shows that I’d love to see reunions for. Whether it be a television episode, a made-for-tv-movie, a feature film or just a sit down interview with the cast. Check out some of these fan favorite shows and tell us which shows you would add to this list!

As one of, if not the most, popular show of all-time, a reunion would DOMINATE the ratings and would give the Super Bowl a run for their money. As a Friends superfan, I would literally do anything to see where our favorite six New Yorkers are now. Just the idea of seeing the famous friends back together again makes me giddy! Whether it was an episode, a movie or an interview with the gang, people would tune in no matter what. Don’t we all deserve one more “how YOU doin’?” from Joey?
Dawson’s Creek

I don’t want to wait… For a Dawson’s Creek reunion! All of the cast members have publicly declared they would be in to do a reunion show or movie for all their loyal and adoring fans. Creek was and still remains my personal favorite show of all-time, so I’m anxiously waiting for this to happen! This may be one of the most depressing reunions out of all of these, though, considering they killed off our beloved Jen Lindley in the series finale. But let’s face it. We all want to see what happened with Joey Potter and Pacey Witter after the end. Did Dawson end up working with Spielberg? Where’s Jack and Jen’s baby? I wish I had Kevin Williamson’s phone number!
Boy Meets World

In my opinion, this cult phenomenon would be perfect for a reunion movie. It has enough fans to support the funding to make it, and I’m sure all the cast would be game to come back! What happened to the gang after they moved to New York? Is Mr. Feeny still living next door to The Matthews or did he find himself forever entangled with Eric, destined to hear the famous “Feeny call” forever? Has Cory and Topanga had little Cory’s and Topanga’s yet? C’mon production studios! Let’s make this happen!
Saved By The Bell

Who else is dying to watch The Zack Attack come back?! We all still wish Zack Morris’ “time out” magic could happen in real life. With that, we could pause life and get this gang back together to sing, play volleyball and use the largest cell phones known to man! Plus, how cool would it be to hear Jesse Spano sing “I’m SO excited… I’m SO scared!!” again?
The O.C.

It’s only been five years since we said good-bye to the drama of Orange County, but let’s be honest, that’s five years too many! All of us OC fans were devastated when the stories of the rich and popular came to a close back in 2007, and we’ve been missing it ever since. I miss my weekly dose of Seth Cohen sarcasm, hunky Ryan Atwood brooding, the lovable Summer Roberts and Taylor Townsend being adorable, and yes, Marissa Cooper drinking, snorting, crying and complaining, too! Although The O.C. creators made an east coast counterpart in Gossip Girl (which is a deliciously addicting show too), it is no OC. A reunion is definitely in need!
Full House

Everyone has seen Full House. And if you watch enough television, you’ve probably seen every episode this show has ever made due to the constant repeats aired. It’s been 17 years since this show ended, so it’s safe to say this reunion is long overdue. I’m dying to see if Uncle Jesse is still impersonating Elvis. Has Danny Tanner’s OCD aged him? Don’t you all just want to see grown-up Michelle utter those famous words: “You got it, dude!”
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

We all know every word to the theme song for this iconic show. As long as Will Smith is in, I think a Fresh Prince reunion would be a go! And if you’re anything like me, I’m dying to know if Carlton can still do… the Carlton!
That 70s Show

This wild and fun has been an audience favorite for years! Obvious by the amount of repeats aired every day, a 70s reunion would certainly be a hit! We all want to know what happened with Eric Foreman & company after the finale. Are they all still getting high and sitting around in a circle in Eric’s basement talking nonsense? I hope so!
Will & Grace

We all love Will & Grace, but I personally want to see more Jack & Karen! You gotta love ‘em! Will & Grace went on for eight years and delighted us with laughter, famous guest stars and lots of gay to make us enjoy every episode!
The Cosby Show

Fans of the lovable Huxtable’s all want to know what became of the family once the cameras stopped rolling. I grew up watching this show and always wanting to be a part of this family. I’ve always wanted parents like Cliff and Claire to teach my lessons by using humor that only they could pull off! Considering most of the cast hasn’t been seen in much else recently, I’m sure Bill Cosby himself could get everyone in!
Home Improvement 

If you were a girl back when this show aired, you were dying over the Taylor boys. In particular, Mr. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Let’s all welcome him back to the spotlight with a reunion of this awesome show! We all loved to watch Tim Taylor and family go through the antics of life, adding a lot of funny to situations. Tim Allen is the greatest. Period!