Apps For Earth Day 2012

Since Earth Day is this Sunday, I wanted to share some ways to help you add some green to your lifestyle. Although the Go Green initiative has really taken off over the past few years, most people (myself included) aren’t always as green as they should be. So in an effort to help you, help Earth, here are a few of my favorite apps for going green:

My Recycle List

By entering your location or using the GPS feature, you can locate various recycling locations based on the category and items you select. Location information such as address, phone number, distance (from where you are), and a list of the items the location recycles is all available on the app. You can also save your search for future reference. So next time you’re ready to do a spring cleaning, make sure you check the list to see what items you can recycle!
Good Guide
There is no better way to describe this app than the “good guide.” Perfect for grocery shopping, the Good Guide App allows users to scan product barcodes and receive detailed information regarding the item such as ratings for health, and social/environmental responsibility. Create lists of “good” and “bad” products to help yourself shop for better products and to push companies to reevaluate what they offer. If you find an item surprisingly “bad,” reach out to the company via Facebook or Twitter about it- who knows, maybe you can spark something and get them to revamp their process.

This app is great not only for recycling, but also for earning you money by recycling aluminum cans. To start, set your goal by number of cans to recycle or how much money you want to earn. You can then track your individual or team efforts and view your progress in pie charts and graphs. The app also searches for nearby recycling centers making it easy for you to make a drop off while on the go.

One Stop Green 
The One Stop Green App Mobile App is perfect for people wanting to learn more about being “green” and saving money. Not only are there daily tips available through the app, but also a “Home Energy Audit” feature, where users can determine how much energy they use in their home. You can also determine your “Green Score” and see how environmentally conscious you are and how you can become more so.