The Do’s and Dont’s of E-Blasts

Recently I’ve gone on a kick of deleting old e-mails and unsubscribing myself from the e-mail list of many companies. Perhaps the main reason (and company I’ll be using as my main example) is the amount of spam e-mails I’ve been getting from Ann Inc.’s brands Ann Taylor and Loft. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE both stores. But getting an e-mail every day advertising a “new sale,” well that’s not really a sale at all. Set up a strategic plan prior to sending your blasts out and make sure to keep my tips below in mind. From both a consumer and marketing communications professional standpoint, here are my do’s and dont’s for e-blasts:

Have a frequency option for your customers when they sign up for your e-mail list
Send out an e-blast when you legitimately have a good deal or something you want to stand out
Offer a quick and easy way for customers to unsubscribe
Come up with a fun and catching headline that will make your customers want to open your e-mail
Ensure that your message is readable on mobile devices- most people use smartphones for communication

Send out a daily e-mail- it’s overkill
Leave out contact information, in case subscribers want to get in touch with you
Use all caps in your subject line, it looks like you’re yelling
Put important info at the bottom of your e-mail, people won’t always read all the way through
Forget to make sure all of the links you included work properly