Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Findings Friday #15

Floating Pool Speakers
Ever wish you could hear the music better while swimming in the pool without maximizing your iPod speaker and interrupting the whole neighborhood? Well, now you can! We just discovered these LED floating pool speakers! This stellar products light up for a cool nighttime look, while playing music and floating aimlessly around your pool. You get a set of three for $79.95, and you can order them here. Perfect for your summer around the pool, entertainment for the kids and adults during parties! Enjoy!

ShopStyle App
After watching E! News earlier this week, we discovered a new iPhone app that was featured in their "best fashion apps" segment called ShopStyle. We both downloaded it immediately and are already obsessed. This free Pinterest-esque application has all the clothing for men and women, accessories, shoes and handbags that are available in retail right now. You can browse, mark your favorites and see prices. The best part? If you absolutely looove something, you can save it and it will alert you when it goes on sale! Also, you can save your favorite stores and when they have anything on sale, they will alert you! This is heaven on your phone!

Soft Kitty T-Shirt
Do we have fans of The Big Bang Theory out there? Us too! While browsing through Pinterest one sleepless night, I can upon this T-shirt and immediately clicked the "order" button. As all of you superfans know, "soft kitty" is the song Sheldon always make Penny sing to him when he is sick or not feeling well. It's a fan favorite and now you can wear it forever! You can order your soft kitty shirt here!

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