Tuesday Tunes


This week, my tune is “Up and Away,” by Dave Matthews. Although this isn’t one of his most famous tunes (this was from his solo album– not to be confused with Dave Matthews Band). Released in 2003, it’s a little older, but this is one of my favorite Dave songs, and in general. His voice is very soothing and one that I have no problem listening to all day long. Whether you’re a DMB fan or not, this is definitely a song you want to give a listen to, as it’s not like his usual stuff (but still is just as awesome).


The tune this week is “Good Life” by OneRepublic. Although the song isn’t new, it is their latest single that has hit the radio waves. This feel good song is perfect to play after a long and stressful day, with soothing beats and sounds. It is nearly impossible to have feel uplifted after listening to this tune. So, if you have a case of “the Tuesday’s”, play this song and put a smile on your beautiful face!