March of Dimes

Happy May! Our cause of choice this month is March of Dimes, one of the major causes that we’ve supported for years. If you’ve heard of the well-known cause, you probably associate it with preemie babies (babies born earlier than they should be). Although that is a major part of their mission, March of Dimes also focuses a large portion of its resources on researching problems that may threaten the health of babies. Interestingly enough, the organization was created by President FDR in hopes to prevent polio. Since then, they’ve shifted their gears to focus more on the prevention of infant mortalities and birth defects.

April/May is the busiest time for March of Dimes, as they host their major eventMarch for Babies across the country. Each event is held in multiple cities in each state, raising money for local programs in the community relating to moms and their babies, as well as overall research. The March for Babies yearly  walk/event began in 1970, and has raised $2 billion since its inception. This is a great event to join in on with friends, family or colleagues.

There are numerous ways you can get involved or help March of Dimes, whether you’re able to donate actual money or your time. For more information on March of Dimes, follow their updates on Facebook and Twitter, or check out their website.