Fun Findings Friday #17

Swansea Beach Radio
Summer is here! And, if you’re not in bitterly-hot Florida like us, Summer is nearing for you all too! Now you can get pool and beach ready with a Swansea Beach Radio. The retro-designed speakers allow you tuck an iPod or iPhone inside the
water-resistant plastic interior of the speaker case, so
you’re not fretting about the sand and sea interfering with your tunes and valuables. Vintage and modern at the same time? Sold! We are definitely ordering this for our beach days this Summer. You can purchase yourself one too at your local Anthropology store or on their website here.

The Amazing Spiderman Movie Trailer
The newest trailer for the Spiderman movie was released this week and we are LOVING it! Starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, the newest Spidey installment is set to hit theaters July 3. Although many people are questioning why another Spiderman movie with a new cast is being released, we’re confident this could be an even bigger hit than the previous movies, as the lead roles are sure to reel in a younger fan base.

Swell Water Bottles
Swell Water Bottles are a stainless steel, BPA-free bottle that are perfect for any of your outdoor Summer
plans. This 17oz bottle keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours,
even in the hot Summer heat. It also fits into your car’s
cupholder, is virtually unbreakable, and has an opening wide enough to fit
ice cubes. And bonus for all you wine lovers — Swell Bottles have also come out with with a 25oz bottle that is large enough to fit and keep cool your favorite bottle of wine! You can count us in! These bottles sell from anywhere $35 to $45 and you can order online straight from the products official website here.