Movie Review: What To Expect When You’re Expecting

On Monday night, Rachel and I were invited to yet another advanced screening of a highly-anticipated movie. This week it was Lionsgate’s new film, “What To Expect When You’re Expecting,” based off the wildly popular self-help pregnancy book. The book, written by Heidi Murkoff is smart, witty and brutally honest about the ups and downs women go through during pregnancy, and the turmoil their partners endure during the 9-month-long time frame. With a book so well-known, this film would obviously generate buzz.  Add in some Jenny from the block, a Charlie’s Angel and a Gossip Guy, and you get pretty high expectations for a comedic hit. Now, this is no Oscar-worthy film (obviously!), but it is definitely a fun and cute movie that old, new and expectant mothers will particularly enjoy! Rachel and I aren’t even moms yet and we laughed and cried (and became a bit frightened for the pregnancy process) through the whole film. What can we say? We’re suckers for a good ole chick flick!

“What To Expect” is still the #1 best-selling pregnancy self-help book in the country.

The film split focus, following three pregnant women, a couple planning to adopt a baby from Ethiopia, and a single women who finds out she is pregnant after a one-night stand. While none of the storyline’s got too deep into the characters, they did a pretty decent job flipping back and forth with each couple, never confusing the audience or making the viewers feel overwhelmed.

Jules and Evan make a cute pair who find it difficult seeing eye-to-eye on how to raise their baby.

The film opens with the spotlight on Cameron Diaz, who is at the end of her stint on a Dancing With The Stars type show, as a personal trainer on a hit television series, a la Jillian Michaels. She wins the competition just before finding out she is preggers with her dance partner’s (Glee‘s Matthew Morrison) baby. We then switch to Jennifer Lopez who is a happily married free-lance photographer who is unable to bare children. She and her (hot!) hubby decide they will go the adoption route and chose Ethopia to adopt their future baby from. Elizabeth Banks and her husband (Ben Falcone) have struggled to conceive for years via IVF. After a drunken night, they find out they are indeed pregnant and then proceed to have the most difficult (and realistic) pregnancy of the bunch. This storyline coincides with Dennis Quiad (Ben Falcone’s father… Have I lost you, yet?) who finds out he is pregnant with his new 20-something-year-old wife (Brooklyn Decker). Lastly, we come to Twilight star Anna Kendrick who has a one-night stand with Chace Crawford, a boy from high school who she has competing food trucks with.

Rosie and sexy Marco play a young couple who get an unexpected surprise after a one-night stand.

While all of these couples struggle with ups and downs of pregnancy, decisions and preparations, one of the most comedic elements in the movie is the “dude’s group.” Headed by Chris Rock, these are the daddy’s who take care of their kids all day (and lovingly so) but forewarn all the future fathers about the challenges. I very much enjoyed watching the hilarious one-liners from these guys and seeing the true differences between the way a man and woman watch over children.

Wendy (left) and her step-mother-in-law, Skylar have very different pregnancies in the film.

This movie is not to be taken seriously. Critics panned the film but, in my opinion, this is a fun two-hours in a theater. It’s cute, light-hearted and has some great A-listers. You’ll laugh, shed a few tears and, laugh some more. All-in-all, I recommend this to any moms, expectant moms, and everyone who just enjoys a cute chick flick!