Fun Findings Friday #19

Well, This Will Be Awkward Tumblr
We’re big fans of all things funny, and this new tumblr we’ve stumbled upon is nothing short of that. Inspired by the What Should We Call Me Tumblr that we posted about a few weeks ago, this Tumblr features a title with a hysterical video clip to accompany it. You’ll absolutely find yourself scrolling through the pages LOL-ing nonstop.

Apple’s Free App of the Week
Free alert! In addition to their free songs and TV shows of the week, Apple has rolled out a free app of the week. Although this may not be exciting news for Android owners (Amazon has free apps for Droid users), us iPhone/iPod/iPad users are pretty stoked about this. Popular game, Cut the Rope gets the high honors this week, as the first in the Free App of the Week series on iTunes. Keep an eye out for future apps, you never know which one might be featured, it could be your next fave!

1000 Memories
Remember the days before digital cameras and smart phones, when we actually had to bring our disposable camera in to get pictures developed? Us too. The problem is now if you want to share them with others, it’s a huge hassle. This new site is the answer to all of your old photo problems. As a “shoebox for your old photos,” 1000 Memories digitizes your old photos, allowing you to categorize them in any way you want. We can’t wait to get started on the boxes and boxes of our pictures from the 90s and early 2000s!