The Bachelorette Final Rose

Small Towns & City Lighter’s,
 Will you accept this
….Those five words we love
to hear! The anticipation. The vision of Chris Harrison walking in and saying “Emily,
guys, there is only one more rose left tonight.” For the past decade millions
of women (and surprisingly many men, too!) have gotten totally addicted to this
guilty pleasure. Whether it’s The
, The Bachelorette or Bachelor Pad, people get sucked in to
this hot soap opera of reality television. 
Another season has come and gone, and yet we all still wait
to see if this couple will actually make last or yet again, bite the dust. As
we finish up the latest installment this Sunday, in a special and for first
time LIVE three-hour event, I can’t help but wonder what Sunday night has in
store for us. If you base it off the preview, nothing good. The first two hours
of the episode is the pre-taped finale with the final two dates, and (maybe) a
proposal. The third hour is the live After
the Final Rose
special. This is the first time in all the years of all
three Bachelor shows, that they have
made the ATFR live. Will there be a big announcement that the producers are
afraid will get leaked if they pre-tape? What could it be? Well, we’re all
going to have to wait till Sunday night to find out how this fairytale ends.
So who do YOU think will end up with Emily in the end? Will
it be the race car driver Arie? Will it be the effortlessly cool, but totally
sweet Jef with one F? Will it be neither? Usually I’m pretty good at foreseeing
the end of these shows, but this year, I’m stumped. The entire show Arie was
always my top pick, but a couple episodes ago, something with Jef and I
connected. Now, he is my front-runner. Arie and Emily definitely have a lot of
physical chemistry, but love and marriage are much more than that. Jef and
Emily have emotional and physical chemistry.
And it’s so sweet to see how nervous Emily becomes around Jef. My hopes are for
Jef to walk away with love. And, hey, if Emily doesn’t choose him, I’ll take
him! Chris Harrison, can we make this happen? PS: Who else is sad to not see all of Emily’s cute outfits every Monday night? This fashion guru is…
Tune in the Sunday, June 23rd at 8pm on ABC to
see how it all ends…
Who will Emily give the final rose to?