Christina Aguilera: Lotus Album Review

I’ve always been a huge fan of Christina and hate to admit that in recent years, her music hasn’t been up to par with her first and second albums when she was at her peak. That said, I am happy to report that Christina Aguilera is back in the game with her new album Lotus, released yesterday. Featuring duets with fellow judges Blake and CeeLo on The Voice, this diva has a number of new songs that are bound to be hits.

Her first single off the album, “Your Body,” can be pretty catchy after listening the first few times and did fairly well on the charts, but isn’t one of my top picks. So if you’ve been judging the album off of that, don’t. 
The album start off with “Lotus Intro,” a song that I wouldn’t necessarily make 3 minutes long – but one that’d be a great remix jam with the likes of Drake or Lil’ Wayne, definitely something to bob your head to. 
“Let There Be Love,” “Around the World,” and “Red Hot Kinda Love” are fun upbeat pop songs which will definitely hit the top of the music charts (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that one of the three will be released as the next album single). 
On the other end of the spectrum, “Sing For Me” and “Best of Me” are where Christina really lets loose with raw emotion, showcasing her amazing vocal talents. Listening carefully to these two, along with the faster-paced “Shut Up” and Circles,” you’ll notice a common theme of screw you and I don’t care what you think. Which is great to hear from her – especially after all of the backlash toward her in recent years.
“Cease Fire,” “Empty Words” and “Just a Fool” (duet with Blake), seem to depict failed relationships (perhaps meant for her ex-husband Jordan) but are great soulful ballads that I for one, will be belting out when I’m driving around town.
There are a few other songs not mentioned above that aren’t really my cup of tea – “Army of Me,” “Make the World Move,” “Light Up The Sky,” and “”Blank Page.” But it’s rare to find an album where you legitimately enjoy every single track off of. 
In summary, if you’re looking for the best songs to download from Lotus, I highly recommend the following (in no particular order):
Just A Fool (feat. Blake Shelton)
Shut Up
Red Hot Kinda Love
Best of Me
Around the World