Top Beauty Trends For Winter

As the warm weather fades and the brisk air creeps in, we’re putting away our floral dresses and taking out our jeggings and boots. The same goes with our beauty routine. Aside from using extra moisturizer to prevent flaking, dry skin, we are also changing our makeup colors and trends for the new season. Here is a few of the newest and hottest trend hitting the runways, red carpets and department stores this winter season:

Plum Lips

The most popular trend for winter is a deep plum lipstick shade. This year has been the year of the unusual lip color. Coral was huge for summer, and now we have a deep shade of purple. This look was plastered all over the runways during NYC Fashion Week and has been popping up all over the Hollywood red carpets lately. Most recently, we saw Kate Bosworth sport this trend and kill the look. I’m really excited about this look and plan on purchasing this lipstick shade very soon!

Gold Eyes

To add a glamourous touch to your makeup routine, try out the gold eyeshadow trend. I have been using this all throughout the fall and absolutely love it! It’s a perfect way to dress up an outfit and make any eye color pop. As you can see above, many Hollywood starlets are rocking this look this season.

Rosy Cheeks

Put away that soft pink blush you’ve been wearing all summer, and don’t be afraid to try a much darker color to contour your cheekbones. Pale and snow white colored skin is (finally!) in fashion. (This comes from a naturally very pale girl). So while you can now happily show your natural skin color, you can add color to just your cheeks, giving you that flushed look!

Lotsa Lash

My favorite trend is long, full and a ton of lashes! It can be difficult to find the right mascara to deliver the exact look you want without clumping! The most popular way to achieve this look is by getting eyelash extensions (which I plan on doing soon… Merry Christmas to me!). Although that can get pricey, I suggest experimenting with mascaras and don’t be afraid to use a couple different kinds at once. (I use 3!) And remember… Layer, layer, layer!!

Full Eyebrows

This trend is on that may require some time to acquire. Drop that tweezer! Thin and barely there eyebrows are so last year! Full and dark eyebrows are all the rage. It may take time to grow out your eyebrows and let them extend longer in length, but it’ll be all worth it in the end. My trick is to take a brown eyeliner (everyone’s color is determined by your own hair color) and fill in all those imperfections and make the eyebrows seem fuller than they are. Fake it till you make it!

Burgundy Nails

This is a gorgeous style that will go with anyone’s skin tones, hair color and fashion sense. I just recently got “Bastille My Heart” by OPI on my nails and loved it! It’s classy for work and glamourous to dress up for a night out on the town. I say, definitely a DO!