Black Friday 2012

Black Friday 2012 is upon us. With stores already touting their pre-Black Friday sales, you know it’s going to be a high-revenue year for Corporate America. If you haven’t started planning your Thanksgiving night/Black Friday schedule, breathe. You still have a few days to figure it all out.

First off – if you’re torn between hiding away from the chaos and getting your online shop on, and braving the madness, here’s my advice. You’ll be able to get a lot of the same in-store and online deals with the exception some of the year’s hot items. That said, stores may advertise the hell out of a product, but if it’s the front page center, hot item in demand, chances are the store will only receive a handful to sell. But don’t forget, Cyber Monday is also right around the corner. For me, Black Friday is more about the experience. Sure there are the crazies that camp out a week early.. don’t do that. Just round up a few friends and go out for an adventure. Yes, there will be lines. But overall, it’s a good time.

Here’s a quick glimpse at a few great sales and in-demand items to keep in mind when planning:

Beats By Dre
These headphones, retailing at $199 are on sale at quite a few locations on BF. At Target, you can score them for $20 – at $179

iPad 2
It might not be the newest model out on the market, but the iPad 2 is far from being behind in the tech world. The best deal for a 16GB iPad 2 is at Walmart. Regularly priced at $399, the store offers a $75 gift card with this purchase, bringing the total cost down to $325.

Bath & Body Works

Although the official promos haven’t been released for the store, Bath & Body Works usually has a Buy 3, Get 3 promo on Black Friday. One thing we know for sure, is that if you spend $40 in the store (which never is hard to do), you can purchase the bag with items pictured below for $20 which is a deal I always take advantage of on BF. The store also announced that they’ll be sharing a number of promos throughout the day via their social media channels (Facebook and Twitter).
Victoria’s Secret
For another bag full of freebies, spend $65 at VS (another something that’s not very hard to do). This, like Bath & Body Works’ above-mentioned bag, is something Victoria’s Secret does every year. The totes given (for free with the $65 purchase), are different every year – but always some shade of pink – and make great beach bags, weekend travel totes, and just all around good bags to have.

If you are planning to venture out into the madness, be sure to download the Black Friday app, posted in last week’s Fun Findings. Although you may have a plan mapped out, it’s always great to have a back up plan ready to go (especially in the case of high-demand items). For store opening times, visit this site – but be sure to double check with your local store, as some could be opening earlier or later than the national indicated time.

Are you hitting the stores on Friday? What’s at the top of your list? Share with us below!

Happy Shopping!