Top 5 Best FRIENDS Thanksgiving Day Episodes

Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful. We all sit around a table with our family and friends on the 4th Thursday in November and give thanks for the delicious food in front of us and the people surrounding us. But there is something else we should all be thankful for: TV shows. Something that brings people together on the couch every night. To celebrate this thought, on this holiday, I will share with you my top 5 favorite Thanksgiving Day episodes from one of my favorite TV shows, FRIENDS. This show was quite possibly the mother of all Thanksgiving episodes. In their 10 years on air, they filmed a Thanksgiving episode for every season. So here are my top 5 favorite ones to rewatch every year on this holiday.

5. The One with Chandler in a Box
After Chandler kisses Joey’s girlfriend, Joey refuses to forgive him unless he spends Thanksgiving in a box. Hilarity ensues.

4. The One with the Football
Monica and Ross have one of their sibling rivalries and decide to duke it out with a football game. They end of bringing out the worst in their roommates/teammates, all for the coveted trophy: A troll doll nailed to a piece of wood.

3. The One with All The Thanksgivings
Flashback! The best part is watching the first time Monica met Chandler. Where Fat Monica felt her first attraction to her brothers best friend, who ignored her the whole time. And Monica as Turkey Head. And Joey’s reaction.

2. The One Where Ross Got High
Where to begin. In one of the funniest episodes of the whole series, Chandler tries hard to impress Monica’s parents, who have no idea he and Monica are dating, much less living together. Rachel tries desperately to make a good dessert, and Pheobe loves Jacques Cousteau! All of this leads up to one of my favorite FRIENDS moment ever!

1. The One with The Rumor
Two words: Brad Pitt. Back when the Brad Pitt & Jen Aniston love was on fire and they were the king and queen of Hollywood. And put Joey in Pheobe’s old maternity pants turned “thanksgiving day pants” and you have the best Thanksgiving Day episode of all-time.

Happy Thanksgiving!