Diving Into iTunes 11

Today, Apple released it’s much anticipated iTunes 11 program. Although it was expected to hit our computers last month, I think it was well worth the wait. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you’ll need to open up the App store on your comp and download it from there.

As with any software update, many people (myself included) are skeptical to stray from the one we know so well. However, iTunes 11 is definitely one you’ll want to upgrade to ASAP.

The first noticeable change in this version of iTunes is the display/location of the iTunes Store vs. your personal music/movie/tv show library – which are now completely separated. You can switch between your library and the store by clicking on the respective box on the right side of the iTunes window. 
Next, rather than using arrows to sort by Artist, Album, Genre, etc., we’re given buttons at the top of the window which automatically sort in different views. Use the drop down navigation on the upper left corner of the windows to switch to TV Shows or Movies. In Album view, click once on the one you want to view. Double clicking will result in playing the first song in the album list. (Note: Opening up the albums is pretty neat. Not sure what it is about it, but I love it!)
My absolute favorite feature of 11 is the “up next” feature. When a song is playing, simply click on the 3 dot/3 line icon (shown in blue below). This will give you a glimpse into what’s coming up next when playing music from your iTunes. Hover over a song and you’re also given the opportunity to nix a song by clicking x if you aren’t in the mood to hear it. Alternatively, by clicking on the clock icon, iTunes 11 will display the most recently played songs.
Other cool updates in this version include: 
  • iCloud integration – If you’re listening to an audiobook or watching a movie/tv show on another Apple device, iTunes will pick right up where you left off. Previous iCloud features (i.e. syncing purchases) will remain.
  • Preview History – Look back at previously viewed items in the store (syncs up with iCloud as well) 
  • Up Next – In addition to the info mentioned above, you can also select your own little playlist of tunes. Essentially it’s a DJ-like feature.
  • Mini Player – In the upper right corner, click the window icon. This will minimize your player if you don’t want to leave the larger iTunes window up. You can also search for music in your library in this view.