Fun Findings Friday #22

Cinemin Iphone/Ipod Projector
From the makers at Brookstone comes a new way to watch movies, TV shows and music videos from your iPhone and Ipod. You can now have your own mobile video projector that plugs into your media device and plays your video on a wall, screen or tent for a group of friends to all share. Check out the website for all the details and to order for yourself. You can count us in on this new device!
If you love shopping as much as we do, then you’ll want to sign up for Hukkster ASAP! Once you create an account, visit any online site and hukk items you’d like to purchase. You’ll receive an email or text message alert (select your preference upon registration) when your desired item(s) go on sale. You can also organize items into categories/lists and share with others. Happy shopping!
What Should I Tip App
Tipping can be a complicated thing. We often find ourselves pulling out a tip chart or our phones to calculate how much we should leave behind for our servers. After figuring out how much a good amount is, it’s the battle of ok how was the service – good, bad, ok, amazing? This app allows you to put in your bill total and your rating of the service and spits out a number of what you should tip based on the two. Technology at its finest, making our lives easier. Even better, the What Should I Tip app is free! We love it!