Girl Scout Cookie Lineup

Get ready to break your diets – it’s officially Girl Scout cookie season! Well, almost. The order forms have started to make their way around neighborhoods and offices and will be through the end of hte month – but cookies won’t be delivered until beginning-mid February (varying by city/state). This year, 10 flavors are available, and lucky for us, the majority of the classics are still around.

Now about those flavors…

Thin Mints
Essentially the face of Girl Scout cookies, this mint-flavored dark chocolate cookie is a must-buy! Fun Fact: It’s also vegan-safe!

Also known as Caramel deLites, these classics (also dark chocolate) are sprinkled with coconut and coated in caramel. YUM.

Similar to a Reeses Peanut Butter cup (my favorite), these crispy cookies have a peanut butter layer and a chocolate coating on top.

These shortbread cookies are one of my all-time-favorites. Dipped in milk, they’re even better!

Another favorite (ok.. I like them all), is this oatmeal sandwich cookie with peanut butter filling.

I’ve yet to try these newer shortbread cookies with a tangy-lemon filling, but they sound pretty delicious to me!

Savannah Smiles
I can’t remember which cookie was outed the year these came in, but I must admit, they are great on the taste buds. Another lemon-flavored cookie, this one’s topped with powdered sugar.

These cookies seem to be a lot like the retired All Abouts – shortbread cookies with a chocolate fudge base.

Dulche de Leche
With some Latin American influence, this cookie is filled with milk caramel chips.

Mango Cremes
These cookies spice up the traditional mix, as a vanilla cookie sandwich with a mango creme filling. New in the cookie gang but who doesn’t love vanilla cookies – or mango? Putting them together? Genius.

Thank U Berry Munch
Last but not least, these cookies are the best for you (calorie wise). With white fudge chips and cranberries, these cookies stand apart from the other traditional Girl Scout cookie options.

Troops will be outside stores (e.g. Publix, Walgreens, Home Depot) before you know it. And if you’re not fortunate enough to personally know a Girl Scout, this will be your best bet in snagging some cookies. To find out more about cookies in your area or to find out where troop sales will be, check out the Council Finder on the official Girl Scout website.