Fun Findings Friday #23

Vudu – Disc to Digital
Although we are all about the digital world, we still love physical copies of things (e.g. books and DVDs). However, there is a flip side to only having a DVD in your hand. No digital copy to add to your iPhone or iPad for trips or while you’re not around a DVD player. Newer DVD releases have been including them but for those of us who invested in a movie awhile back – well, we’re not as fortunate. Rather than dropping $20 more through iTunes to add a movie to your library, Walmart has solved our problem with their new service, Vudu – Disc to Digital. Simply place the physical copy of the DVD (showing you own it) in your computer disc drive and pay $2 for an SD version or $5 for an HD version of your DVD and $2 for an HD digital copy of a Blu-ray. As with everything, there are some limitations (movie-studio wise). For more info, visit the official Vudu – Disc to Digital site.

Carrie Underwood Teaser Trailer
When Carrie Underwood’s fourth studio album was released early last year, one of our immediate favorite songs was “Two Black Cadillacs”. We were so happy when she recently announced that this would be her new single, accompanied with a music video. Since the song is such a dramatic tale, we knew it would be a good video. While searching to see when it would be released, we stumbled upon this teaser trailer for the mini-movie-esque type music video. While we wait for the mid-January release, let’s enjoy the goosebump-worthy teaser. Carrie Underwood just gets better and better!

52 Week Money Challenge
Ok so we’re a week late for this but it’s the easiest week to catch up on! We recently stumbled across this neat money challenge for the year and are really excited to hop on board. Take a look at the chart below to track how much you should put into savings or pull out aside in cash to save up. By the end of the year, you’ll have over $1300 – and the most you’ll put in for a week is $52! The concept is very easy. Simply look at what week of the year it is and put in the amount of money equivalent. For example, Week 1 – $1. Week 20 – $20. Week 52 – $52. So at this point, with $1 from last week and $2 for this week, your total savings should be $3. Small potatoes now, but if you keep up with it through the rest of the year, you’ll be able to treat yourself to something fabulous!