Netflix vs. Hulu Plus

In this day and age, we have so many options to enable our binge TV viewing habits. Aside from standard live TV programming and our beloved DVR’s, there are two major monthly subscriptions you can invest in additionally, Netflix and Hulu Plus. Although some people splurge and pay about $16/mo. to have both services, most of us will choose sides in the battle and stick with one of the $7.99/mo. services. I’ve spent copious amounts of time with both services and here’s my breakdown of the two:

The first thing looked at for the services is cost. Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, both Netflix and Hulu Plus are $7.99 a month.
Both Netflix and Hulu Plus are available on multiple devices – which is essential considering how much technology impacts our lives today. Not only can you stream in your web browser, but you can also play your content on the epic Apple TV, your smartphone, iPad or tablet, Xbox 360, Playstation 3 or Wii. So no matter what, you’re covered.

Next, content. Although Hulu offers the shows currently on live TV – say the episode that aired last night, Netflix offers both TV shows and movies, but only previous seasons of TV shows (you’ll have to wait basically until the next season airs for the previous one to be released for streaming). The winner of this battle is based on preference. Are you trying to keep up on the current season’s episodes? Or do you prefer having marathons of past seasons upon seasons?

For me, Netflix is the winner. To keep up with the most recent episodes in a TV show season, it’s much easier to either watch on a free site such as Channel 131 or simply add the show to your DVR’s recording lineup. Despite the fact that Netflix doesn’t offer recent episodes, the selection you’re given is much larger than that of Hulu’s. Also, say there’s an old show that has 10 seasons. You can watch all of them on Netflix, while on Hulu you wouldn’t be able to watch it at all. To get the full value for the money you pay, it’s really no contest.

Despite which service you end up choosing, I think it’s a great subscription to keep up with if you’re able afford the luxury.