Tuesday Tunes

It’s Time by Imagine Dragons is my song pick for this week. I’m not sure what exactly draws me to the song but between the bridge/chorus and the beat, it’s great. Debuting last year at SXSW, the band (and the song) have both become extremely popular – even landing a prestigious spot on the show Glee – and that’s when you really know you’ve made it! I’m excited to hear the band’s next song. But in the meantime, I’m confident I’ll be singing along to this tune for quite some time.

My all-time favorite band, Lady Antebellum, made me a very happy girl today. At 2pm, the country trio released their first single off their fourth studio album (due out this Spring), titled “Downtown”. So, naturally, that is my tune for this week! “Downtown” is a fun song with lead vocals from Hillary (as her and Charles switch off), about wanting her man to take her out downtown. The song has sass and lyrics that make you want to roll down your windows and blast! You’ve done it again, Lady A! Check it out!