Tuesday Tunes


We’ve heard 3 singles from the band Fun. thus far but their greatest song (in my opinion) has yet to be released to the radio waves. This week Fun’s “Sight of The Sun” is my pick. It’s a song about really happy and in a good place with your life because of a great person you’re in a relationship with – touching on previously being unhappy but now looking forward to waking up and starting the day with that special someone. This is an especially good song to listen to on a sunny day (refer to the song title) or first thing in the morning when you’re cruising on your morning drive.

My song pick of the week is a tune that comes from one of the greatest bands of our time, Aerosmith. Late last year they released a brand new album, and one number stuck out to me immediately. The queen of country music, Carrie Underwood, did a duet with the band and I couldn’t love it more. It may sound like a surprising duo, but Carrie and Steven have worked together a number of times in the past couple years and it is always great. “Can’t Stop Lovin’ you” is a upbeat song, and the most country sounding that Aerosmith has ever done, whilst still having that rock feel. It is said to be hitting the radio waves too, so check it!