Movie Review: Warm Bodies

First was vampires, now it’s zombies. Supernatural crazes hit and Hollywood runs with them, sometimes to the point of exhaustion. So you can imagine my reaction when I first saw the trailer for Warm Bodies, a film about a teenage zombie who falls in love with a human… Another zombie movie… with the inagural eyeroll. But, after seeing the preview a few times I found myself thinking it looked like a cute twist on your typical zombie movie. It reminded me of a romantic comedy from the 80’s, like the new Teen Wolf.

Warm Bodies is based off Issac Marion’s 2011 novel with the same title about a young man named R (he cannot remember his human name, only that it begun with an “R”). Nicholas Hoult portrays this thoughtful zombie, who feels like he is all alone in the post-apocalyptic world. We hear him speak human in his voice-over narration throughout the whole film, although he can only just mumble words in his zombie form.

When on a typical rampage of attacking non-infected humans and eating their insides (specifically the brains), R starts to live the memories of the persons brain he is eating. That person is a young guy and cue the music, he is re-living the moments of him and his girlfriend, Julie, played by Teresa Palmer. R then looks up to see the frightened girl in the flesh and decides to help her escape the hungry zombies.

Gradually throughout the film Julie opens R up to his human emotions, and love blossoms. Together they try to convince the remaining humans that are hunting the zombies that they are capable of change, with human help.

Don’t expect to be watching a romantic version of The Walking Dead. Or getting the hilarity we all found in Zombieland. The movie had potential. Like I said earlier, I was expecting a Teen Wolf esque movie for our generation and Warm Bodies didn’t quite hit that mark. It definitely had it’s fair share of laughs and the love story definitely had it’s sweet moments that all us women love, but other than that this film is more cold than warm. My favorite part of the film was the soundtrack, jamming songs like “Missing You”, “Hungry Heart” and “Rock You Like a Hurricane” made this movie more fun to watch. Some songs even paralleling the scenes.

If you are planning on checking this movie out this weekend, go in with an open-mind. You won’t be watching World War Z, but it has it’s moments.