Cause of the Month: The Kind Campaign

The Kind Campaign is a non-profit organization that was founded by two young women who chase to help educate about the negative effects of mental, physical and emotional abuse that result from girl vs. girl crime.

Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson are the two brave women behind this incredibly important movement. Back in 2009, the friends and classmates at Pepperdine University bonded over their personal experience with bullying. The two girls joined together and decided they were meant to make a change. As documentary film majors, Lauren and Molly decided to travel around to create their own film to bring awareness on girl-against-girl warfare. They reached their goal, and now have a documentary called Finding Kind.

The faces behind the cause: Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson.

To promote their film and foundation, the girls travel around the country to speak in schools, share their stories, and open up discussions about the extreme heartache this issue creates. The Kind Campaign encourages women to stop the hate. People, and sadly, women in particular, are quick to judge. Many females will look at another female and judge them on everything from their weight and hair to clothes and shoes. Not only is it destructive to the other woman, but it is essentially self-destructive as well. And it all has lasting effects.

Lauren and Molly talking to young students about the long-lasting effects on bullying.

But, don’t just assume that this issue ends as soon as you walk across that stage at your high school graduation. There have been proven studies that say childhood anxieties and pressures manifests themselves as we grow into our womanhood. Recently, the girls sat down with SELF Magazine for an interview. “I think it’s so important for women and mothers to realize that they’re one of the most crucial examples that their children will ever have,” Parsekian explained. “We have responsibilities to younger generations. I think it’s a really important conversation for women to have with each other and their children as well.”

Clearly, whether difficult or not, it is extremely important to talk to your children. Especially for mothers and daughters. Ensure that girls know how to treat people. That no matter how different one is to another, kindness is never deficient. As one woman declares in Finding Kind, not everyone is pretty, smart or talented. But everyone CAN be kind.

One of the biggest, and seemingly ongoing problems in this issue is the media. We all see mean girls in movies, bullying on television and gossiping online. This is more formative than anything these days. “These images are seen as normal or a right of passage for girls and women to act this way and it’s so sad,” said Thompson. “That behavior has now become the norm. And instead of seeing the problem, a lot of people just say ‘Oh well, that’s just the way girls are.’ And it doesn’t have to be that.”

…No it doesn’t. Being women, we here at Small Towns & City Lights have absolutely been victimized to this and feel extremely strongly to this organization. If writing this blog entry will bring awareness to one person, then we have succeeded.

Along with their numerous ways to help spread the word, they have enlisted Hollywood help. Actress/Singer/Dancer Julianne Hough has lent her support and name to the Kind Campaign in hopes to help young women struggling through life. And, it pays off. As a fan of Hough, I discovered this organization through her numerous Tweets and Instagram pictures regarding the campaign. Hopefully we can continue the passing of this incredibly poignant issue and bring more kindness to the world.

The Kind Campaign supporter Julianne Hough.

So, to all the Regina George’s and Gossip Girl’s in the world: Watch out! Kindess and positivity is coming to take your crown of queen bee.

For more information and to find out how you can help, check out The Kind Campaign’s website. You can also follow them on Twitter @kindcampaign and on Instagram under kindcampaign.

You can also follow Julianne Hough on Twitter @juliannehough and on Instagram under juleshough.

Also, here is an exclusive look into the documentary Finding Kind: