Essential Apps: February

I must admit, I’m an app junkie. Between my iPhone and iPad mini, I’m pretty covered with space. But I constantly find myself reaching the space limit on my iPhone and having to make the executive decision on which apps get the nix. Lately I’ve found myself in a routine just testing out new apps for the heck of it – making it harder on my device space but a lot more fun considering there are over a million different apps available. Below are 3 of the apps I’m loving this month – check them out!

This free app has recently become one of my favorites whether I’m on the go or bored looking for something to do. Having always loved learning new languages, this app is helping me to continue my learning even after college. Although it’s no Rosetta Stone, I’ve found the app to be very helpful in my learning of basic German thus far. Other languages available are Spanish, Italian, French, and Portuguese. Whether you’re planning to travel or just want to pick up some key phrases in another language, this app is fantastic!

My Fitness Pal
This app was built to help get you on a healthier life track. During initial sign up you’re asked to enter your personal details such as height, weight and age. Next, set a target weight for yourself and the app will automatically calculate how many calories you should be consuming each day to reach that goal – or you can enter your own customer number. It’s a can be time consuming adding up all of the things you eat during the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) but I do find it to be extremely helpful when used. You can see how many calories are in a serving of a particular food, encourage friends, add exercise (which gives you some calorie leeway) and/or view calorie intake by meal category. In fact, I’ve noticed that days I avoid the app, I snack more. And when I’m staying up to date on my food logging, I’m a much better eater! This free app is absolutely one you’ll want to download.

If you’re a social media and news buff like me, you’ll love this free app. Link your social media accounts up and select categories you’re interested in (e.g. entertainment, technology) and you’ll have a one stop app to get all of your big news(feed) updates. Even cooler, the app lets you “like” stories/updates and saves them so in the future, you’ll see similar types of content. This app is especially great for anyone commuting on long mornings into the city or reading before bed.