Fun Findings Friday #27

Bing Travel Predictor
We are always on the hunt for the best travel deals – but sometimes it’s hard to know whether it’s the right time to hit confirm purchase or if you should hold out a little longer for prices to go down. This exciting tool allows you to enter in trip information (dates and locations you plan to fly in and out of). The system looks at previous patterns in the various deal site and airline history and tells you whether you should go ahead and book your flight now (most likely the best deal you’ll get price-wise) or that you should wait (chances are a better deal will come along before your flight). It’s a great – and essential tool to have when planning travel!

While searching through my Pinterest one night, I came across a board of custom-made tanks. Immediately, I started clicking through the photos to find the site where I could order these from. And there it was. Skreened. You may have heard of it. I think I had through the great vine, but I’ve never been on it. Now, I’m an addict. Skreened sells all types of shirts for all different genres and for both guys and gals. Their tanks are perfect for workout tops, even having some inspirational “keep going” messages such as: “Run as if Channing Tatum was waiting for you at the finish line”. As if that wasn’t incentive enough! Their shop is shipped from Colombus, Ohio and everything is authentically made. I’ve already got my Luke Bryan and Channing Tatum tanks ordered… With likely more to come! Check out their designs and selection on their website here.

TWD 80’s Sitcom Intro
Although we weren’t around in the 80s, we still love that time period. And AMC’s The Walking Dead? OBSESSED. This video surfaced recently and I am absolutely obsessed with it. Whether you’re a fan or not — if you’re not you should be — you’ll enjoy this video. If The Walking Dead was an 80’s sitcom, what would it be like? Happy times is what. Guest starring zombies. Enjoy!