Oscars Countdown: Predictions

As we have just begun Oscar week, and only have minimal days left until the big night, we are getting more and more anxious to see who will walk home with that sought-after golden statue on Sunday. Whilst many of the stars are penning their anticipated acceptance speeches and focusing on their detox cleanses to fit in their couture-made gowns, we’re predicting who will receive top honors during the broadcast. So, here are my picks. Join in and let us know who you think will be Oscar winners!

Best Picture

Argo has taken home the award for best picture at practically every award show this season. And even though Ben Afflect was severly snubbed by the Academy for his directing and acting, I would be shocked if his film didn’t win the biggest award of the night.

Best Actor

This is another dead giveaway. Daniel Day-Lewis is the Meryl Streep of men. He is the best of the best at his craft and he practically became Abraham Lincoln. Although there were many great performances from the men this year, Day-Lewis deserves it.

Best Actress

Perhaps the trickiest of the bunch, best actress is a race between two leading ladies. Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain are neck-and-neck in this category. Lawrence has taken home pretty much every award in the past events and I’m putting my money on Lawrence for the win on Sunday too. As one of, if not my favorite actress in Hollywood right now, I would be so happy to see her win. Don’t get me wrong, Chastain is fantastic and so good in Zero Dark Thirty… But I think this is Lawrence’s year!

Best Supporting Actor

This is a tough one as it has been different throughout award season. The top two running mates are Philip Seymore Hoffman and Tommy Lee Jones. The two are pretty close but I’m going to say Seymour Hoffman will walk away a winner. I also wouldn’t be too surprised if Christoph Waltz snuck in the winner circle.

Best Supporting Actress

Anne Hathaway. Mark my words. She will win the Oscar. The end.

Best Director

Since Ben Affleck is not in this category, this award could go a couple different ways. And since we have no indication of early winners since Affleck has one all the past awards for this category, I’m going to guess Steven Spielberg will be taking this one home for Lincoln. But, I would personally be extremely happy if David O. Russell won considering Silver Linings Playbook was my favorite!

Make your predictions with me and tune into the 85th Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, February 24th at 8pm on ABC. This year funnyman Seth McFarlane will host so it’s a guarantee good show!