Tuesday Tunes

My song pick for this week is “Overwhelmed” by
Tim McMorris – a relatively unknown artist that you should absolutely
familiarize yourself with. “Overwhelmed” is a sweet song about a
significant other and being overwhelmed with love for that person. The
combination of the lyrics and Tim’s soothing voice makes for a perfect song. I
could definitely see this played at a wedding or during a proposal. Also note
to Music Directors for movies and TV shows – use this song!

My tune for the week is from country newcomer Kacey Musgraves. “Merry Go ‘Round” is dominating the country charts and radiowaves right now with the sweet sound and independent attitude. The words of the single aren’t as angelic as the sound of the song, but that’s why it is so great. It’s real. And, I guarentee us country fans will be hearing a lot more from this young artist!